Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Faceplate Bundle Sells Outs

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Faceplate Bundle Sells Outs

Nintendo recently revealed a set of Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS Faceplates for their new 3DS model. The faceplates, a dashing red design, are currently only available through the Nintendo store. At this moment in time, the plates can only be bought as a part of two bundles. The first bundle contains a new 3DS system, a copy of the game, and the previously mentioned plates. The second bundle consists of a copy of the game and the plates.

Less than 48 hours after the Game/plate bundle was listed, they sold out. The only available method of getting the plates is by purchasing the system bundle. With no news about how limited the Xenoblade Chronicles 3D plates are/aren’t, there’s a chance they may become a rarity.


The plates wouldn’t be the first set to receive a limited release. The Ambassador Edition of the New 3DS shipped with exclusive Super Smash Bro face plates. The positive reaction from fans, and the strong ‘collectors’ fan base, could result in New 3DS face plates being a unexpected money spinner.



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