Winter Is Coming To Telltale

Winter Is Coming To Telltale

So, rumors are floating around that Telltale Games, the developers of The Walking Dead, and The Wolf Among Us are going to be tackling the same kind of game approach in the Game Of Thrones universe. As a massive fan of previous titles in Telltales history as well as Game Of Thrones, I would love to see them do something with the Song Of Ice And Fire license, for which the television series is derived from.

Telltale did marvelous work with The Walking Dead even though they based it more on the comic series than the television program. So, I’d definitely put my faith in the studio for being able to perfect the game, and make fans of the series really connect with the game and enjoy it, and maybe even intrigue people who haven’t read the books or seen the show to do so.

Keep in mind these are just rumors, and Steve Allison whom is the SVP of Publishing had this to say to IGN about the rumors of the game: “We get these sorts of rumors about what we could be working on next cropping up all the time. Officially we have no comment.”

Now, chances are if this game is a legitimate thing it wouldn’t follow characters from the show/books but most likely follow it’s own group of people, and have its own stories to tell alongside the main story arcs from the novels, and television series. Being a fan of the series I think I’d like to see some exploration with the Nights Watch, and quite possibly base the game around that as the player assuming the role of a new recruit to the Watch, and having to deal with various evils, and monsters. Who knows!?

Do you have faith in a Telltale developed Game of Thrones series similar to The Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us? And, if so how would you like to see the game developed? What kind of settings, or stories would you like to take part in and experience? Let us know in the comments below.



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