Will Lego Dimensions Fall Victim To Scalpers?

Will Lego Dimensions Fall Victim To Scalpers?

I’ve never been one for Lego, but the recent reveal of Lego Dimensions got my attention. Where Skylanders started, and Disney Infinite grew, and the Nintendo seemingly took over, the game-toy market is pretty insane. The combination of family friendly video games, fueled/complimented by toys is a money making machine. Much like Disney and Nintendo, Lego are a firmly established brand with the unique ability to appeal to all ages. The licenses Lego own, the fan base they have, the significances in pop culture they posses, Dimensions should be easy money.

So why bother talking about it? Well there’s one tiny issue that has cropped up, mainly the price point. The starter pack is a hefty £99.99 (89.99 on last gen systems), this includes 3 figures, a vehicle, copy of the game, bricks to build the gateway and the toy pad. The price point, as mentioned before, is pretty big considering it’s nearly the same price of some consoles. ‘Fun Packs’ cost £14.99, and include two characters, this seems like a much fairer price, even more so with Team packs (4 figures) popping at £29.99. Lego have, for the most part, created a fair price point…but it’s only fair for now.


If there’s one thing we have learned from Amiibo it’s that scalpers adore these kind of products. The sheer level of love people have for Lego will surely result in scalpers diving into the Lego Dimension market in the same way the mined the Amiibo market. The main difference between Amiibo and Lego is the size of the respective ranges. Amiibo launched with 12 figures, Lego Dimensions are launching with 13 fun packs, 1 level pack and 1 team pack. That’s a whole lot of product for a first wave, a whole lot of product to be snapped up by would be scalpers, hot on the heels of their Amiibo success.

Much like any other of the toy based video games, the chances are Lego Dimensions will feature exclusive figures, a concept Lego often explore with their other products. This is where things could start to get tricky for collectors. The sheer range of licenses held by Lego could result in some majority spiked prices for certain figures. The likes of Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Back to the Future could become the hottest of the Dimension properties, especially among older collectors. Rarity + collect-ability + big brand names = the perfect scalp. Lego Dimensions could quite easily become the hottest scalping product, even surpassing Amiibo.


Nintendo has it’s loyal fan base, but they only cover video games. Disney may have the Marvel license, but it’s not packing the brand love that Lego has, or the umpteen other licenses under their banner . Lego games extended beyond the typical demographic, add in the physical toy product and their reach far exceeds that of Amiibo, Infinite or Skyline. As a result of this, the scalpers potential customer base is increased, and people are more than willing to give scalping a shot after seeing the money made by others.

This is all theory, for now anyway, but Dimensions could easily turn out to be a scalpers paradise. The reach is much larger than anything of it’s kind previously released. Potential for exclusives exceeds that of other lines. The fairly cheap price point, beyond the starter pack, is much more appealing for bulk buying. Lego Dimensions, without fair regulation from retailers, might just be the next collector headache, and a scalpers dream.




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