Why The System Shock Kickstarter Deserves Your Attention

Why The System Shock Kickstarter Deserves Your  Attention

Kickstarter has had its image tarnished lately. The release of the Mighty Number 9 has produced a number of questions surrounding the concept of crowd funding. Just how efficient is it? Can we really trust people with our money? When does ambition get in the way of practicality and ability?There’s been a number of Kickstarter success stories, Shovel Knight and Divinity: Original Sin being the one that stands out.

The latest big project to hit the site is System Shock by Nightdive Studios. Their goal is to completely remake the 1994 classic. So what’s so different about this project over any other? Well, for a start there’s already a playable demo.


Lasting around 7-10 minutes, the pre-Alpha build gives a good idea of what to expect. It looks and sounds exactly how you’d imagine a modern day version of System Shock. Bright colours projected upon the brooding narrow corridors of the Citadel Station. Each sharp turn carries that familiar sense of dread. Even the audio is foreboding much like it was in the original.

Nightdive Studios aren’t asking you to give them your money, as well as your blind faith. They’ve provided a strong pitch with a playable example, that’s impressive. Their vision is clear, they know what they want to achieve. The demo showcases that, even if it’s pre-Alpha.


Those who have played the original will most likely already be on-board. For those who have no idea what System Shock is, play the demo.Have a look at the Kickstarter, download the original and its fantastic sequel on Good Old Games. Their blend of sci-fi horror and RPG gameplay results in some truly memorable experiences. There’s a reason why SHODAN is remembered as one of the best villains in video game history.




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