Why Styx: Master of Shadows is Worth Watching

Why Styx: Master of Shadows is Worth Watching

The stealth genre is making somewhat of a comeback, albeit a rather quiet comeback (no pun intended). The likes of Thief and Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeros have added to a very small library of recent stealth games. It’s not that the fan base is no longer there, it’s just that stealth games rarely seem to make it to release. Thankfully a new stealth game is on the way–a fresh new game with no ties to past franchises.

Styx: Master of Shadows is a stealth title set within a fantasy setting, complete with all the humans and elves you could expect. Players take up the role of Styx, a goblin anti-hero, who just happens to be a master assassin and thief. As with most classic stealth games, Styx will task players with completing various tasks with a sense of finesse, leaving no clues behind.


It’s refreshing to see another stealth game in development, even more so when the main character isn’t what you’d expect from such a game. Goblins, by their nature, tend to be rather cheeky little gits, so the idea of playing as a master assassin/thief who just happens to be a Goblin is instantly appealing.

Given Styx is set in a fantasy universe, the range of enemies and allies players could run into during the course of the game will be extensive, with plenty of creative freedom being available. The environments will also offer plenty of opportunity for players to approach objectives if the available screenshots are anything to go by.

There’s a number of core RPG mechanics behind Styx‘s stealth gameplay. Players can earn experience and unlock new skills and abilities. Add to this six full talent trees and there’s plenty of depth promised.

While there isn’t a whole lot known about Styx, the concept alone is interesting enough to grab the attention of fans of stealth games, as well as extending the appeal to those who enjoy fantasy settings. Be sure to keep your eye out for one of the more unique offerings set for release this year.

Styx-01 Styx-02 Styx-03 Styx-04https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbT6nM4qpW4

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