Why Smite On Xbox One Is A Big Deal

Why Smite On Xbox One Is A Big Deal

If there’s one announcement that shocked me the most at Microsoft’s Gamescom conference, it was the reveal of Smite on Xbox One. It’s a reveal that has seemingly made barely any impact, no reaction from the Xbox faithful… and that’s a real shame. Perhaps it’s the fact the game has no hype behind it in terms of console users, maybe it’s the alien concept, or maybe people just have no clue what Smite is.

Smite has earned itself a rather strong cult following over on the PC. After a lengthy Beta period and resulting release, Smite has had a lot of MOBA players in a fluster. Doing away with the standard formula of the MOBA, in favour for a more action focused game, Smite is insntatly engaging. The third person view point gives the experience a familiar, yet refreshing, feel to the core gameplay.

While DOTA2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth may be the most well known MOBAs, Smite is creating a name for itself. The competitive scene is growing, the player base the expanding, the game is regularly updating, adding new playable Gods. Smite remains as one of the more accessible MOBA titles on the market, it’s open nature makes it a fantastic option for people wanting to try the genre without requiring any true research.

Why is Smite such a great addition to the Xbox One? It’s a pretty simple answer, no other console offers a MOBA of this scope. It’s a truly unique offering, in terms of consoles at least, that has no equal on other systems. While in terms of games and genres, the PS4 and Xbox One have rather similar offerings. Smite represents a offering no other console has, even if it’s not a triple A game from a well known franchise. It’s a truly shrewd move from Microsoft to bring Smite to the One.

The success of Smite on Xbox One will depend purely on the player base. While the core game is great, it’s the players that will keep going for years upon years. The challenge Smite faces on Xbox One is simple, appeal to a market of people alien to the MOBA. It’ll be a tricky challenge to tackle, even more so given how relatively unknown the game will be with a large section of console users. If Microsoft get behind Smite, push it as a unique console offering, make the Smite concept and name know, it could easily become a big feather in the Xbox One’s cap.

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