Why I Still Want A Dead Space 4

Why I Still Want A Dead Space 4

I’m a big fan of the Dead Space series, but it’s obvious to say that Dead Space 3 was by far the weakest of the series and made quite a bit of us disappointed upon playing it. To see this beloved horror franchise go to a more action oriented experience really made me sad, and kind of made the experience less than desirable. I enjoyed the game, just not as much as I would of liked to.

The original Dead Space was amazing, and truly terrifying. The game hooked me from the very beginning with the Necromorphs dropping through the ceiling and nearly killing everyone within the first few minutes of the game. It got me right into the game, and made me terrified right from the get-go. This was a wonderful game with an interesting cast of characters and truly terrifying enemies that carried over into my favorite game of the series, Dead Space 2.

Dead Space 2 took everything from the first game and ramped it up, and threw us into a new location aboard The Sprawl. Dead Space 2 added new enemies, delved deeper into the psychological elements by having Isaac hallucinate and see things that truly weren’t there, and it made the experience uneasy. The intro for this game completely beat the first game’s intro with everything going to hell, and the witnessing tons of death, and carnage within the first few minutes of the game. Again, I got hooked right away and was thrilled to be back into the shoes of Isaac Clarke. Even though this game had a few more action-like elements than it’s predecessor I still loved it, and is to this day my favorite game in the trilogy. Returning to the USG Ishimura, which was the ship/setting for the first game was awesome, and by far the scariest part of the second game.

The addition of competitive multiplayer was also welcomed by me, and I rather enjoyed it. I was quite sad to not see it come back in Dead Space 3.

Then came along Dead Space 3 this past February, and it definitely received some mixed opinions. The fact of it being more action oriented than the previous two games was the main point of criticism, and dislike for the game, but even with that being part of the game I really enjoyed it. Sure, this one is my least favorite of the trilogy, but it’s by no means a bad game. People complained about the fighting against Unitologist Soldiers, but I always defended that part of the game and still do to this day. The way the story was being told, and progressing it only made sense that we’d have to eventually fight back against them. It just makes sense for the plot.

I even enjoyed the co-operative element of Dead Space 3, having playing with my pal @Oatinator I was thrust into the shoes of Carver, whom was Isaac’s partner through-out the game but would only show up during the co-op playthrough. So, if you wanted a truly isolated, and vanilla Dead Space experience then co-op wouldn’t be for you. Carver is the one suffering from “visions” and hallucinations this time around, and for me it really added to the “creepy” factor when my buddy and I were wading through the snow and I saw a woman crying and injured, where as my friend controlling Isaac could only see Carver having a mini-freak out. Stuff like that made me uncomfortable in Dead Space 3, and it made me really enjoy the co-op. Sure, it might not of been as scary of a game with a buddy, but the co-op was extremely enjoyable.

Sadly, Dead Space 3 had an ending that didn’t make sense and through buying the DLC that was released we learned the true fate of Isaac, and Carver and that they both survived attacking the Moon (final boss) and we get what felt like the real ending to Dead Space 3 considering how short the DLC was (1 hour or so).

We got a really cliff-hanger like ending with Dead Space 3 showing the Earth infested by Necromorphs, and which would most likely be the plot point to Dead Space 4 if the game ever gets made. I read something about Dead Space 4 in June about it not being canned but not in active development, and that Visceral were working on something different at the current point in time. So, yes I’d love to see Visceral revisit the Dead Space franchise soon and give us a Dead Space 4 on the next-gen consoles as I’m a huge fan of the series, and will still buy the next game even though the series took a more action oriented route.

However, I would like to see DS4 return to the classic feel and style of the original Dead Space with a purely survival-horror take on the game. No action bullshit, but pure horror. The co-op could still be in the game for people who enjoyed it in DS3 (like myself) but just bring the game back to its roots, and make it terrifying again. Dead Space is a great series, and it tells a great story. It would be a shame to end the series on that ending from Dead Space 3.

Just imagine a post-apocalyptic Earth caused by the Necromorphs, and Markers. That would be truly glorious. Instead of a frozen, and boring planet like in Dead Space 3 we’d have a chaotic, and apocalyptic Earth to fight through. Even though apocalypse scenarios have been done before I’d imagine it would work wonders for Dead Space. So, deep down I pray that Visceral will bring Dead Space back soon, and bring them to next-gen consoles.

So, what do you think? Would you like to see Dead Space continue and go back to survival horror? Or, do you think Dead Space should stay dead?

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Justin Ross


  1. KHATL66
    December 8, 2013, 8:03 pm

    I am a huge Dead Space fan and I enjoyed Dead Space 3. Yes, the story is getting a little out there and some of the scripting/acting was a little odd but that would be my only complaint. I loved the unified ammo packs and gun combinations. The Dead Space games are a feast for the eyes. You can tell this is a labor of love from the developers. They could make this game until the end of time and I would buy every one. I actually scan the web every so often looking for new information on a possible new Dead Space game. Here’s hoping they continue with Dead Space.

    A loyal fan…

    • jay
      December 25, 2013, 10:32 pm

      Shut up, it’s ‘loyal fans’ like you who give the people who ruined this franchise the balls to keep ruining it. If you were a true ‘loyal fan’ you would know the only true dead space game is the first one and that it should go back to exactly what that game was like. Even dead space 2 was brutal in comparison. Sure it amped things up a bit but who really gave a crap about that anyways? After the first one all i wanted was the same thing but more story, more scares and more amazing enviornments. I’ll take the USG Ishimura over the sprawl or a frozen planet any day of the week BECAUSE it’s what the game was about and how it was marketed. To be a game where no one is coming to help, where you are stuck in narrow corridors with little room to watch your back as these things creep around in the dark behind you. To be stuck in a ship floating in space infested with gross mutated humans. This franchise has fallen so far from what it used to be and it makes me sick. If you are truly a ‘loyal fan’ you would know the only way this franchise will survive is if it goes back to what made the first game great, not pump the tires of the worst game in the franchise.

  2. Michael
    December 10, 2013, 10:24 pm

    Consoles, next gen or not, are archaic compared to PC in every way. I guess playing PC games only has spoiled me, but every now and then I go to a friends house and play a console game and Im always struck by how god-awful the whole experience is compared to the PC. The graphics look like PC games from 10 or more years ago and the controllers drive me nuts. Still never found a more perfect and precise form of fine control that a keyboard and mouse provide me. But I agree with everything you say about Dead Space. I’m quite the Dead-Space purist myself and love the original and DS2. Was very disappointed with the DS3 move to action. Always makes me sick the way the greedy corporate big-wigs have to ruin every excellent franchise sooner or later by changing its very essence (and the source of its original success and appeal) just so they can market it to a wider audience and make more cash. It nearly always seems to backfire on them. So I too hope that DS continues, with a return to its roots, but for God’s Sake Man, if it does, play it on the PC. Oh yeah, and another thing that astonishes me about the DS games: It takes Valve 7-10 years plus to give us a new HL installment, it takes IDsoftware a similar timespan to give us a new DOOM installment, but Visceral can churn out superb quality full-length DS games in 2 to 3 years. How do they do that? And why don’t Valve and ID sit up and take notice?

  3. Matt
    February 25, 2014, 2:09 pm

    Just consider these games as a visual feast of well developed and engaging design material. So what if the sequels departed from the original in terms of gameplay? Yeah, our loss, but at the same time, we gained something in terms of visceral, eye candy. Gameplay comes and goes, but the imprint of the world they created stays with you forever. The design team was clearly passionate about this project from Day 1, and they accomplished something monumental in carrying the design integrity of the visuals all the way through into the third title. I am a designer and can tell you that Dead Space was a labor of love, and as a series, worthy of more respect than it gets. Go buy the art work book on amazon if you don’t believe me, it’s amazing. That’s the only point I want to add to this discussion. Under the right direction, these games could spawn a movie on par with Alien, imagine that.

  4. RsdFnd
    June 17, 2014, 5:35 pm

    I like every series of dead space and really hope there will be another dead space in future…and wish it’ll be include in Steam as what it did for DS1 n 2….what bother me a lot is…am i the only one realizing DS2 character model has better look compare to DS3?? DS3 indeed has better visual on environment, whether etc..but character model graphic is not really great n amaze me…even for the splashing of blood…DS2 is way better…i thought maybe the problem came from my graphic settings
    …but as i compare from the youtube still thats my opinion..u guys dont feel the same??


  5. FlightOfTheFelines
    July 30, 2014, 11:34 pm

    Of course I want a Dead Space 4, the story isn’t ruined. All 3 entries have been consistently good, despite 3 shifting play styles. The cliffhanger at the end of Awakened could stay unresolved & end the series on a seriously frightening down note like many great horror stories of the past, but as the article stated any true fan wants to see that Necromorph apocalypse up close. Perhaps Issac will turn a planetcracker starship against the Brethren Moons & save humanity? I think after 3 entries it’s time to radically shift the gameplay into open world territory though, which would fit with that setting.

    In the meantime I think EA could gauge continued interest in the series by giving us a sequel to Extraction & another mobile entry. Dead Space is a franchise that could be adapted to many different genres. They should definitely wrap up Issac’s arc with part 4 though & then move on with a new, related narrative.

    EA, we love the series! Please bring back Dead Space!

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