Why Consoles Users Should Be Excited For Mount & Blade: Warband

Why Consoles Users Should Be Excited For Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount and Blade – Warband is coming to both the PS4 and Xbox One…and that’s great news. It’s a rather surprising announcement, but it should have consoles users excited. Put simply, there’s nothing like it on the console market at present.

Player’s have the ability to embark on conquests in the name of glory, or in the name of spamming archers. At it’s core, Warband combines classic strategy elements with engaging third person action. Building armies, investing in units and assets, it all feeds into the heart of Warband.

There’s a certain thrill to be had when witnessing the clashing of two opposing forces on the field. You’re not the only looking to expand their lands, the AI is just as ambitious as any player. It’s not all about conflict, political options are just a legitimate, at times, encouraged.

When words fail, military action is required. Choosing the right units, at the right price, becomes key to success. Filling the ranks with arches with the view to combat charging cavalry is not the way to success. Upgrading units and taking a tactical approach, that is how Warband is conquered.

Xbox One and PS4 fans are truly in for a treat. Warband offers a truly unique experience, complete with 32 player multiplayer. Build your army, conquer your enemies, marry in order to secure your legacy. There’s very little to compare Warband to, even more so on the consoles. While the game is getting on a bit in terms of age, its quality is undeniable. The fact Warband is coming to consoles it fantastic news. Allowing a new market to experience something not normally seen on consoles, this is how it should be.

Blade And Mount: Warband is coming, prepare your consoles.


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