Which Amiibo Would You Like To See? – Four Suggestions

Which Amiibo Would You Like To See? – Four Suggestions

Nintendo’s Amiibo’s have already assaulted my wallet, to be totally honest they’ve conquered it. Within two days of their release in Europe I had bought up all of the first wave…after a bit of hunting of course.

The Amiibos aren’t just to look at of course, Nintendo have big plans for latest creations. After all the initial characters in Smash Bros have been immortalized into plastic, the mind starts to wonder whose next to be added to the Amiibo line. With a colorful collection of characters in their vault, Nintendo have a brilliant choice of characters to choose from. From a personal perspective, there’s a few I’d love to see. From cult classics, to modern additions, this is a short run down of future Amiibos I’d love to see.



Skull Kid


With Majora’s Mask heading to 3DS, Skull Kid seems like a logical candidate to become a Amiibo. The design of Skull Kid would make for a interesting Amiibo that stands out from the rest of the line. The cult status of the character would instantly make it one of the most desired Amiibos around. While there is a argument to be made over there being too many Legend of Zelda characters as it is (five is all of the Smash roster is covered), Skull Kid seems like the perfect fit to get the Amiibo treatment.



Captain Toad


One of the more original releases by Nintendo, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker features a obvious candidate. Giving Captain Toad his own Amiibo would give the spin off a game a deeper sense of confidence, a game rather than a experiment. His fancy backpack and head lamp would lend themselves well, giving the potential Amiibo a distinct look.

It wouldn’t feel right having a large Mario line up without at least one Mushroom amongst the numbers.




If there’s one character screaming to be added to Smash Bros, it’s Bayonetta. While this pick is mostly out of hope rather than logical expectation, Bayonetta would be a fantastic addition to the line, as well as Smash Bros (hint hint). The character has been warmly welcomed to the fold, feeling like the franchise was there since the beginning. The outlandish character design would, at the least, make for a cosmetically pleasing piece.



Slippy Toad

Slippyblabbering SlippySF2

Admittedly, this choice is a bit of a joke, but would still be a decent addition to the Amiibo line. Slippy Toad was the character most remembered for the wrong reasons, mainly due to his voice, but his place in Nintendo history is undeniable. His seemingly uselessness in a cock pit was also a major reason so many people took a dislike to him, but there are plus points.

With a new Starfox hitting the Wii U in 2015 (well that’s the plan anyway), it seems like a logical decision to add more Starfox characters to the Amiibo line up. He’s annoying, kinda useless, but Slippy Toad is memorable figure in Nintendo’s history, and should become a Amiibo.

Sean Halliday

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