Where’s The Content? – I Had A Break Because Video Games

Where’s The Content? – I Had A Break Because Video Games

I’ve pretty much posted something new everyday in 2016 on PixelGate.co.uk. That’s not been in the case for the last two months, purely because I needed a break. While talking about video games is all fun, there’s still very little reward to get out of it when posts become ‘popular’. When people’s trolling skills come into full swing, things can get pretty repetitive.

No one is free from criticism. If someone has a issue with something I say/post on the site, they’re welcome to have their say. There’s a difference between having your say and being a dick however. When spam comments consisting purely of abuse, with no merit or point, that’s when it gets boring. I don’t earn money from the site, I don’t run adverts nor do I have sponsored content. That doesn’t stop people from claiming i’m being ‘paid off’ or something equally as silly.


In fairness, it’s not everyone. The problems mainly seem to come from console users, obbssed with this idea of ‘IM A GEEK GUYS, GEEKS LIKE GAMES, I ONLY PLAY *insert console/game here’ * I frankly don’t care what console you pledge blind allegiance to. I enjoy video games, I enjoy the discussions, I enjoy the sensible people within the more moderate culture. Modern video game culture? Not so much.


When people aren’t desperately searching for a reason to be offended, they’re often on the defensive. These people are killing the culture and the discussion. Waking up to 15-20 comments of abuse, with the odd decent comment with promising discussion, isn’t fun after the 6th month. Am I quitting? no.


I had other hobbies, mainly MMA and Muay Thai. After a bad injury to my knee I was no longer able to enjoy the hobby, at least for a while yet. In comes Warhammer and table top gaming. In short, it’s nice to have a hobby where people mostly support and act nicely to each other. So that’s where I’ve been, building, painting and playing. Pixelgate.co.uk will be back to normal after September.


Here’s some pictures and stuff

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Sean Halliday

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