Where is the Remastered Version of ODST? Is it the Unloved Step Child?

Where is the Remastered Version of ODST? Is it the Unloved Step Child?

I’ve never been the biggest Halo fan, and that’s mostly down to the character of Master Chief. There’s something about him that I just find painfully dull, even with all the fan love surrounding him. In all honestly, the main Master Chief storyline has never interested me. In fact, the main reason I enjoyed Reach‘s campaign was because the Spartan you played as actually had character.

It’s not that Halo 1-3 are bad–they’re solid games with fantastic multiplayers–but the campaigns have never blown me away, or even made much of an impact on me. Strangely, the game most Halo fans reject is the game I enjoyed the most (second to Reach).

ODST was a nice change of scene–a nice change of direction with a new insight into the Halo universe. ODST wasn’t the ‘one man army’ deal that past titles had focused on. It was more of a traditional tale of camaraderie with touches of comedy.


When the Master Chief Collection was official revealed at this year’s E3, the notion of playing traditional multiplayer with all the maps was hugely exciting. Co-op-ing through the campaign is always an appealing concept, but with the multiplayer, and the maps, all for a decent price, and on a system struggling to provide a long-term engaging multiplayer experience, the hype train truly began. With the reveal, however, came the question of whether or not ODST will ever be given the same remastered treatment.

It may be a selfish wish (after all, three full games and a wealth of multiplayer content is a whole lot of game), but it’s a wish nevertheless. ODST seems to be the unloved stepchild of the franchise, often rejected due to its slight change of direction compared to the other games. Truth be told, ODST plays pretty much the same as the other Halo titles. It’s mainly the story where the game differs. The kinda open-world was a nice change to the franchise. The characters, the weapons, the odd focus on night time missions, were all enjoyable.

Perhaps my enjoyment of the game is slightly biased, because after all half the cast of Firefy provided voice-work for the game. While ODST was short, the storyline ultimately inconsequential, it was still an enjoyable little romp with a new cast of characters. While the exclusion from the Master Chief Collection is understandable (ODST doesn’t feature the Chief, after all), it would have been nice for ODST to have been included. While ODST may be Halo fans; unloved stepchild, I still wish it had made a comeback in remastered glory. DLC perhaps? Fingers crossed



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