Where Does Street Fighter 5 Go From Here?

Where Does Street Fighter 5 Go From Here?

As a long time Street Fighter fan, it’s disheartening to see the state in which Street Fighter 5 shipped in. The lack of modes and content can make sense if you approach it from the angle of a competitive player, but that’s a minority. Casual fans are important, the fact Capcom overlooked this is worrying, maybe naïve.

I flirted with the idea of picking up Street Fighter 5 at launch, even after the initial reviews. Street Fighter 4 was hardly bursting with modes, yet I still loved it. This was different, much different. Street Fighter 4 at least offered arcade, something number 5 does not. In its current state, Street Fighter 5 is go pro or go home, there’s barley anything in between.

Where does it go from here? Can Street Fighter 5 grow into a much more well rounded package? If so, has the damage already been done? There’s so many questions lingering over one of the most iconic video game franchises. Sony’s move to bring Street Fighter 5 exclusively to PS4 has lost something of its shine, purely down to the lack of content in the retail release.

Capcom have promised more additions to the game has time goes by. Whether or not these additions will be enough to bring more people in is another thing. The window of ‘hype’ has seemingly quelled, mostly due to other big name releases. On the plus side, events like Evo and various other tournaments will always remind the masses of Street Fighter 5′s existence.

With a glut of fighters on the market, across two generations of systems, Capcom have done themselves a disservice. Street Fighter 5 was supposed to be ‘the’ fighter of the current generation. Capcom could have, perhaps should have, taken the throne. The lack of content in the core release has left Street Fighter 5 in a state of uncertainty. Nostalgia and brand power may be enough to keep the game relevant, but what should of been a ‘big release’ feels cheapened.


Sean Halliday

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