What’s The Appeal With Collector’s Editions?

What’s The Appeal With Collector’s Editions?

I’ll be honest here kids, I’ve never really bought into the whole purchasing/pre-ordering collector’s editions of video games. Sure, I understand why some people want them (some editions are dope) but I could never justify forking out $150 to purchase a video-game. Yes, there’s extra goodies that come with said product but I’d imagine you could find them on Ebay going for relatively cheap later on?

All that aside, I actually caved and pre-ordered my first collector’s edition of a game, and truth be told I actually have no idea why. Come March 11th, I’ll be picking up my Collector’s Edition of Dark Souls II. I was a massive fan of the first game, even though in reduced me into a blubbering, rage filled mess of humanity.

But that rage didn’t subtract anything from my experience, but instead added onto it quite heavily. It pushed me into figuring out strategies, chat with friends playing the game and discuss certain elements in extreme detail, and just in general give me the boost I needed to rise above this challenges and complete them. The level of difficult that Dark Souls produced wasn’t annoying, or game-breaking but it does something to the experience from a positive perspective that I can’t quite explain.

I can safely say that this “frustration” and anger I developed while playing the game contributed to how much I loved my experiences with it, even though I’ve never gotten around to beating it (the copy is sitting here at my desk as I type this up). Which also raises another question as to why I decided to fork out the money towards the Collector’s Edition of Dark Souls II which is going to put me back about $119.99. It could be because I finally have a steady income to support my habits, or maybe it’s because the word “statue” for some reason is what put me over the edge. I went in the store fully intending to only pre-order the standard game at $59.99, but the man behind the counter mentioned getting a statue and other various goodies and well, I guess something inside of me was like DO IT, and I sort of complied.

Maybe it was appealing to the collector/game developer inside me that got me to pre-order my first Collector’s Edition. That artbook is also one of the main things that’s pulling me towards this edition. Sure, it might not be a “meaty” incentive to preorder a game, especially at $120, but I feel happy with that decision even though I’m still confused as to why I did it in some sense.

So, I’m going to ask the readers & visitors here on the site. What do you think is the appeal to Collector’s Editions, and have you ever gotten one? If so, which game and were you happy with the end result?

Justin Ross

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