What Should We Expect From E.A’s E3 2016 Conference?

What Should We Expect From E.A’s E3 2016 Conference?

E3 2016 kicks off today, starting with EA. For the most part, we know what to expect from one of video game’s biggest powerhouses. That doesn’t mean there’s no room for surprise, EA do have a tendency to pop out at least one new game that catches the attention. So what could 2016 hold?



Titanfall 2 -

It’s no secret that Titanfall 2 is ready to drop at E3 2016. Reveal trailers and flashes of presentation rehearsals have people’s tongues wagging. After the first game provided a good concept and platform, Titanfall 2 looks to make a more last impact on the market.

A single player campaign is set to be part of the deal this time around. Hopefully Respawn and EA have took aboard to criticism and flaws of the first game, creating a much more complete experience. One interesting point could be how people receive the game. Back when the original release, there wasn’t many console games with similar movement systems and concepts. Since then, the market has became populated with shooters offering similar ideas.



Bioware -

With Mass Effect: Andromeda in development, the chances are we’ll hear and see more on the game. There’s also the small matter of Star Wars: The Old Republic. New content and the future of the game will most probably be discussed. The MMORPG has had a strange history of success, failure and rebirth, it’ll be odd if it does not make an appearance at E3.


Battlefield 1 -

EA’s master plan is finally falling into place. For years they have plotted and charted the fall of Call of Duty. From directly marketing the Battlefield franchise as Call of Duty’s rival, things have finally went EA’s way. Battlefield 1 has grabbed the marketed shared by both franchise, exploiting the disdain towards Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Expect EA to rub Activision’s faces in it. Loud, proud and detailed, expect Battlefield 1 to be the main focus of the show case. Oh, and probably some new on a Beta.


Sports -

EA Sports is a big deal, whether you like it or not. Fifa and Madden are titanic franchise that have became part of pop culture. EA will always dedicate a fair chunk to their sports games at E3.


Star Wars: Battlefront -

Remember this? That little game from 2015 that seemingly came and went? Well there’s still DLC to be released. The chances are this will only take the spotlight for a briefly. Battlefront’s player base as declined, reactions towards the game tend to be mixed at best. It almost feels like EA have already earned their dollar from the game and have their eyes set on their next releases.


Indie -

It’s still strange to think of Indie and EA together. Unravel was one of the most curious games from last year. The charming indie title hinted towards EA’s interest in helping develop such games. It would not be surprising to see another indie game pop up.


Famous people -


Every year they do it. Every year all sides of the planet asks ‘who is that?’ at least once.



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