Was Homefront: The Revolution Sent Out To Die?

Was Homefront: The Revolution Sent Out To Die?

Fresh off reviewing Homefront: The Revolution, I’ve been pondering a few things. In January of this year, I made a prediction the game would turn out messy. Switching from numerous developers, all while a whole new generation of system came out, was never going to be a good thing. The sheer amount of time and money poured into the game with no end product, something had to give.

My most recent curiosities concern the game’s release date. The original Homefront was met with mixed reception, but sold well. Its mid March release date played a major part. There was little to no form of major competition at that time. Crysis 2 was the major shooter released in the same window.

Given the relative quiet nature of March 2011, and some heavy marketing, Homefront appealed to many. Fast forward to May 19th 2016. Homefront: The Revolution finds itself released directly after Uncharted 4 and Doom. Two MAJOR releases, both of which had rather major marketing campaigns. Homefront is not a ‘big’ name, far from it. After the quality of the first game, people were curious at best when it came to The Revolution.

There’s also the little matter of being released five days before Overwatch, a game with immense amount of hype. I can’t help but think that Homefront: Revolution was released at the worst possible time. The game’s current state suggests it wasn’t even ready for release. Awful PC optimization, unstable frame rate across all platforms and game breaking bugs. Stuff you’d expect from early access games…from budget releases.


This is part of a cut scene, not of gameplay

Looking back at Homefront: The Revolution’s history with delays. Originally set for a release in ’2015′, delays plagued the game. For a time, little was heard with some even starting to assume its cancellation. The reasons for the delay were simple, at least that’s how it was framed.

In a statement that accompanied the news of yet another delay, CEO of Deep Silver Dr.Klemens Kundratiz said -

We are giving the team every opportunity to turn Homefront: The Revolutioninto a best-selling title, and have set a 2016 release date to provide them the time they need to achieve this. You can expect to hear more about the game later this year.


The statement may of sound fair back then, but now it’s a little questionable. How does releasing a game in between three of 2016′s biggest games help Homefront: The Revolution turn into a best selling title? Why did they skimp on the marketing? How was it released in such a half arsed state?


‘Top selling game’

At this point, I begin to propose some ideas and theories. This is not fact, it’s merely theory. Homefront: The Revolution was seen as a huge sap of resources and time. Why waste a full studio on the continued development of a game that was becoming less relevant by the month? It feels like Deep Silver decided to simply cut their losses.

It explains the lack of marketing, the state of the release. Sending the game to its death, perhaps to hide in the shadows of major releases like Doom, Uncharted 4 and Overwatch. It makes no logical sense to release a game at such a time when the goal was to ‘create a best seller’.


It can look nice, but it clearly was not ready for release

The PC version is crashing hard in terms of online play. Its all time peak was 3,538, falling by a thousand the following day. Homefront’s PC player base continues to drop, seemingly leaving any hopes of a future on the consoles.

steam steam2

In the end, Homefront: The Revolution felt like it was dead on arrival. All fingers point towards the game being thrown out into the wild just to get it over and done with. While this is personal theory, it seems to answer a lot of question.

The series that started as THQ’s last hope is seemingly ending with a mere murmur.


Sean Halliday


  1. Tim
    May 24, 2016, 2:05 pm

    I’m playing it in xbox one and have really gotten hooked to the game. There are glitches here and there like a prop floating in the air but I’ve run into nothing game breaking and I’m about 16 hours into the campaign. I can’t say I agree with the negative reviews at all. The shooting is terrible at the beginning but once you spend some money upgrading your guns it gets a lot better. And I find myself wanting to keep going to clear just one more area or do one more mission before I stop playing. While I see that the game could have used some polish before release and it was thrown out there amongst some big name releases, I feel like I’m playing a game that has some hard work and thought put into it. I’ll be playing it to the end and then hoping I can find some people to play the co op missions with.

    • Sean Halliday
      May 24, 2016, 4:42 pm

      The glitches i encountered during my review were too numerous and harmful for me to overlook. Without the bugs etc it’s a adequately average game, but given its current state, it was marked as below average. It’s cool you enjoy the game, you won’t be alone for sure.

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