Video Games Have Already Shown Us Britain After The Brexit

Video Games Have Already Shown Us Britain After The Brexit

With Britain deciding to leave the EU, It feels like a good time to look towards the future. Video games have a number of worlds set upon changing political scenes, disgruntled civilians included. Which video games worlds could give a glimpse to Britain’s EUless future?



Dunwall – Dishonoured


Ravaged by plague and corruption, Dunwall is dark and depressing. Every street corner is drenched in misery, with very little light in the eternal gloom. With Britain’s economy in question, their streets could soon be looking very much like a 4k screenshot of Dunwall.

Boris Johnson is already preparing his Oversees to mark the unruly. It won’t be long till the streets of London are powered by Whale juices and covered in Weepers.



City 17 – Half – Life 2 


After the idea of opposition votes became clear, only complete control could save Britain. Leave and Remain supporters savagely attacked each other, throwing slander around like it’s nothing. With the hope of keep civilians trapped under one mindset, the British government occupied cities with plenty of enforcement.

Drones glide around the streets, scanning civilians, making sure they didn’t post opinions on social media. Expression has been removed, replaced with dull greys and blue overalls. Who knew leaving the EU could result in such a bleak future?




Space – EVE Online


We’ve messed up on Earth, the next step is space. Britain will double down on space travel, creating huge competition between major corporations. The battle to build the biggest and best ships will propel Britain’s economy to the stars…in which we will start shooting at each other.

The corporate sabotage and political battles of EVE Online are clearly the next logical step for Brexit Britain.



Fallout – All Of Them


Boris Johnson falls asleep on the button for the newly installed ‘Nuke Britain’ anti-immigration measure.




Sean Halliday

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