Unreal-Engine Grant Results In New VR Game

Unreal-Engine Grant Results In New VR Game

Niten has recently been running a Kickstarter asking for £15,000. With 23 days left and £2,022 raised things have suddenly became much brighter for the game. Thanks to a grant from Unreal-Engine, Niten developer Donald Macdonald has received HTC VIVE VR Kit. In a note posted on the Kickstart Macdonald said -

”Today I am proud to announce that Niten has been awarded a developer grant from Unreal-Engine in the form of an HTC VIVE VR kit!

This amazing act of generosity has convinced me to shake things up a little with our stretch goals. The VR stretch goal will now be removed from the campaign and a VR version of Niten will be released as a standalone edition of the game. And here’s the best bit;  This will be given free upon completion to everyone who backs the minimum £15 release of Niten on Kickstarter. So just to repeat; you back Niten now, you get the VR version as soon as it drops, for free!”

”The current version of Niten is still absolutely the main focus and the timeline and release dates will not be affected by the above. Our projects plans and sprints for the next 3 months have no room for VR!

The VR version of Niten will be rebuilt from the ground up to maximise it’s efficiency and framerates for VR. It will be released as a standalone product, though as mentioned above; it will be given free to all backers of the original Niten Kickstarter campaign as a thank you for supporting us.

The release date of the VR version is as yet unconfirmed. As we move closer to the completion of the standard Version we will make decisions regarding this and update you all.”


Niten is a narrative driven game inspired by the likes of  Dear Esther and Gone Home. Players uncover the history of the remote Japense island and its previous inhabitants; a Samurai master and his orphan-child student.


Sean Halliday

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