Unpopular Opinion: I Lost All Interest In DayZ

Unpopular Opinion: I Lost All Interest In DayZ

The standalone DayZ has just launched on Steam, and I feel like I’m currently the only human in existence that doesn’t see the appeal, and can’t bring myself to actually check out the game, or even the mod for that matter. Now, don’t get me wrong; I love the concept and the whole idea behind the game, but there’s just something preventing me from booting up the mod; or stand-alone and checking the game out for myself (I bought Arma II and the expansion to actually play the mod in 2012).

I just never brought myself to install Arma II, and the mod itself and eventually lost interest in checking out the phenomenon that was DayZ. I feel like this was partly due to the amount of videos I’d watch of people playing the game, and when those videos got boring, my interest went away and I no longer felt the desire to hop into the world.

I know I’m missing out on a unique experience, and I’m a huge fan of zombies but there’s something that can’t keep my interest in the game. It could be that I burnt myself out by watching videos, or that none of my friends actually own Arma II or gaming PC’s for that matter, so I’d be left playing alone in this game, and that just doesn’t seem fun, or ideal from what I’ve witness in videos, and other content.

Plus, around the time I bought the content to play DayZ it seemed to have died down in popularity, and now with the standalone having just been released, does this warrant me to finally install Arma II and check the mod out, or hop straight into the standalone game, and experience that instead?

That’s why I’m writing this opinion piece. To let people know my opinion, as well as get some outside opinions on whether it’s still worth my time to give the mod/game a chance. I am a zombie fan, but I’m just worried the game won’t be my cup of tea, or I’d get burned out because I’d spend hours watching people play the game. I’d like to get my zombie fix as the last “zombie” game I got to dip my hands into was the Steam release of No More Room In Hell, and I’m always up for some fresh new things to check out.

So, is it better to check out the standalone now, or wait until it’s been out longer with some more content? Or, should I go back the original mod and check that out? Let me know your opinions, and give me reasons why I should experience this game firsthand. Who knows, you might persuade me.

Justin Ross


  1. Gekkonidae
    December 18, 2013, 4:10 pm

    The mod itself was fantastic! Granted, it had many bugs. So does the standalone at its current state. My take on the appeal of the mod, having played the mod since its early stages for over a year (and then numerous mods), is that I think this game is a lot more hardcore than most other games that are currently out there. I’ve played online games for 15 years or so, and there really isn’t anything quite like this one.

    This game takes patience, and knowing that at any second, all of your progress can and will be demolished. (always watch your back) Very few of my real life friends played the mod or are playing the stand alone. (though, now that the stand alone is out, i’m finding more of them coming through the wood work to ask me if it’s worth the buy). In order to find a group, I had to look around online for groups wanting members (there are tons of them out there). You’ll typically join that group’s teamspeak server and figure out what everyone’s schedule is like. After that, you more or less have your group. Playing with a group greatly increases your chance of survival and really gives you a chance to work as a team. the 2 groups I’ve been involved with in the mod were outstanding at working as a team.

    Just having played only a few hours of the stand alone, I can tell that with the more complex health system and rarity of bullets and other essentials, teamwork almost seems like more of a necessity. Not to say that going lone wolf isn’t worth it. I haven’t died yet and I have quite an arsenal of some equipment that is imperative to survival in the game. (can opener, medical kits, huge bag, nice clothing, extra shoes, weapons, plenty of food and drink, etc) I’m personally really happy that they decided to put more emphasis on the survival aspect instead of ‘sniping people at the NW airfield’ taking up the majority of a player’s time.

    Anyway, I would expect bugs. I’ve already seen a few. However, I think the stand alone is currently very playable and really pretty enjoyable. Zeds are pretty buggy at the moment. (In favor of the player in most cases)

    If you decide to take the plunge, you might want to refer to this link: http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/1t23cw/dayz_tip_thread/

    for tips on dealing with some of those bugs, and just some general all-around advice for not meeting an early demise :) (keeping yourself healthy is a must) It seems that a lot of people brought over the Kill-on-Sight mentality from the mod from what others have been saying, but I’ve personally only seen people try to avoid me, and I them. Found 1 person that was friendly and teamed with them for a bit, and then was shot at a few times (in cherno – no surprise there *yawn*), but managed to never take a bullet. I’ve managed to patch up a couple of very wounded players without getting killed as well.

    Based on my experiences so far, I personally thought that the purchase of the Alpha was worth it at its current state, but ultimately it’s up to you if you want to try it out. I just wanted to give you my experiences with Dayz as a whole, and then coming into the standalone. On the upside, considering I’ve purchased it now, I won’t have to pay more later when more content is added/bugs are fixed. I think they’ve really got a great game going, and i’m really excited to see what else is added in the future.

    I’m not sure if this rambling will give you any insight, but there it is..

  2. Martin
    December 27, 2013, 9:04 am

    You hit the nail right on the head there Justin. I have played the mod version and back then that feeling of missing something that can hold my attention on this game i share fully with you. Instead of DayZ i started playing what then was the WarZ. I know it was kind of a ripoff from DayZ but it was better playable although that game is totally dead now due to lack of vision of the developers to say it nicely ;-) . I have friends though, that are playing the stand alone and judging on their opinion the stand alone is not really much better in that perspective, which in itself is a shame because i do feel the concept was pretty cool. For me i will stick to left4dead 2 for now but I am waiting on “Dying Light” a next gen zombie game, that look sawesome and from what i have seen from the trailers so far the open world aspect together with the free running (parcour) makes this a big time wanna have.

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