Unpopular Opinion: I Disliked Star Wars Battlefront

Unpopular Opinion: I Disliked Star Wars Battlefront

I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but I feel like I’m in the minority of people or even the only person who never really enjoyed playing the Battlefront series. I can understand the appeal to the games, and even bought Battlefront II again on Steam (previously owned on the original Xbox) to see if maybe the game felt better on PC, or even felt better than I remembered but sadly I was still let down by the end product, and still couldn’t play the game for more than an hour or two.

My friends always praised the game as one of the best LAN party games that you could play but I was never invited to one of these, and when I was the Xbox 360 was already launched and we played games like Halo 3, and CoD4 instead. However, I do remember early days having parties with the Nintendo 64 and playing countless hours of Smash Bros, and the original Mario Party game.

However, for some reason seeing the teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront at E3 piqued my curiosity, and made me insanely interested in the series. I imagine the fact that DICE has been tied to the project, and I have countless memories of playing Battlefield 1942 with friends, as well as 2142 and I have a feeling we can see DICE do this game justice, and do it very, very well. I haven’t been keeping up with that game other than the teaser because I don’t want to hype it up too much and have it lead to a disappointment.

I know the game will look good, and I imagine I’ll probably enjoy the experience more on the next-gen consoles, or can we officially call them current-gen now that the PS4 has been released and we’ll see the Xbox One release in a few hours time (8:37pm here)? Either way, I’ll definitely check the game out when it launches and see what my opinions are.

So yes, my unpopular opinion is that I never really enjoyed the original Battlefront games and people constantly shit on me for that. Am I alone in the dislike of the games? Let me know! Or, why do you think there’s such a massive fan-base around these games and is there a chance the only reason because it’s set in the Star Wars universe? Post your opinions below!

Justin Ross

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