Ubisoft Recycling Far Cry 4′s Map In Primal Is Fine

Ubisoft Recycling Far Cry 4′s Map In Primal Is Fine

Far Cry: Primal has been received fairly well. It’s not rare for someone to mention how ‘fresh’ it feels, but suddenly it has become public enemy number one, at least in video game circles. After a Neogaf user post pointed out Primal uses Far cry 4′s map, people became disgusted.

The terms ‘lazy’ and ‘cheap’ were thrown around at Ubisoft direction.Cost efficient and smart is more accurate, even more so when they create a whole new experience within it.  While I can understand why people could be annoyed, the ferocity of the backlash is hilarious given it didn’t exist till the fact was pointed. None of these people knew Primal used Far cry 4′s map, not a single one, but now suddenly they’re angry.

Recycling assets is not a new concept, it never been. We’ve seen this in games like Modern Warfare 3, Bad Company 2 and countless RPGs and MMOs. The fact people are suddenly outraged is bizarre, even more so in a game that has been hailed for being ‘fresh’. No one knew they were playing on Far Cry 4′s map, for that reason alone there’s no valid excuse to be angry.

If a developer constantly recycles assets without any changes what so ever, fair game, be angry. Ubisoft literally changed the whole aesthetic and contents of the Far Cry 4 map. Without the fan-made map posted on Neogaf, you struggle to point out most of Primal’s map and pin point it within Far Cry 4.

Perhaps this new found outrage is more a statement on general angst with questionable business tactics As consumers, season passes, pre-order DLC, broken games and half-games have resulted in frustration. Instead of focusing on non-issues like Primal’s asset recycle, talk about actual problems affecting both the quality of games and the consumer. Ubisoft have done some shady things in the last few years, but using Far Cry 4′s map for Primal is not one of them.

Sean Halliday

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