Ubisoft Are Failing Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft Are Failing Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft are often criticised for a lot of things . Recycling concepts time after time and over saturating their franchises are all sins they’re guilty of. Aggressive pre-order programs and DLC plans are also linked to Ubisoft. To their credit, they can throw out a few fresh games.

Rainbow Six: Siege is a prime example of Ubisoft ‘doing good’. It’s not the most original release, but it does provide a breath of fresh air. The slow build up to each encounter, planning entry points and kill zones is thrilling. Engaging in information warfare with the hope of gaining the upper hand provides such a buzz. Siege isn’t trying to be like other shooters on the market, and that’s fantastic.

I’ve covered various aspect of Siege, highlighting both positives and negatives. As much as I love the game, it feels like Ubisoft are dropping the ball. For a modern shooter, the Siege player base is surprisingly loyal. Battling through sever outages, match making issues and other bugs, but everyone has their limits.

As a core package, Siege isn’t brimming with content. There’s a decent number of maps, all with night/day variations, but the lack of modes is a pain. Enjoyment is starting shrink, mainly after playing Hostage on Bank for the tenth time that day. Players have found the winning formulas, leaving many Operators barely touched. Same maps, same modes and the same enemies, it’s detracting from the experience.

Ubisoft have yet to release any new content, or add any features. The lack of options is becoming frustrating. Map rotations feel lopsided, with some maps rarely popping up. At this point in time, voting on which map is to be played next feels like a obvious addition. It’s more of a oversight than anything else, but Beta testing should of highlighted this.

Various bugs and questionable kills/deaths still rear their ugly head. C4 is still messed up, even more so when throwing through breached areas. Small scraps of wood have the ability to drag thrown C4 back to the user, rendering the move pointless. Any map set in a house is plagued with this problem. Netcode is often brought up, mainly due to some odd deaths. Players can run into cover and suddenly drop dead, it’s bizarre and still hasn’t been addressed.

The major problems have been addressed, but the little ones are causing frustration. Ubisoft is simply not reacting at the pace required. Siege is pretty much multiplayer only, they need to maintain it as such.

Delaying additional maps and Operators was never going to be a good thing either. The dynamic of the current roster has became so stagnated that change is needed. Adding the two planned Operators has the potential to change various elements of player’s approaches.

I still enjoy Siege immensely, but Ubisoft seem to lost their focus. Issues aren’t being addressed as quickly as they should. Options and minor niggles made clear by the Beta still remain. The game lives and dies on its player base, and everyone has their limits. It’s time for Ubisoft to step up, lay our their plans and support Siege like it deserves. Don’t waste the qualities of such a refreshing multiplayer experience.



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