Top 5 Villains In Gaming

Top 5 Villains In Gaming

Gaming has had some pretty memorable villains, and baddies throughout the years. It’s 1:00 AM and I’m drinking some coffee with raspberry flavoring (it’s actually really good). While drinking this glorious beverage I’ve decided to compile a list of some of my favorite villains in videogames. I have an addiction with making lists, and figured one featuring my favorite villains could be something to excite the masses. This list is also in no particular order. Allon-sy!

1. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Sephiroth is pretty much my favorite villain of all time, and was the first one to pop into my head, hence him being at the top of this list. Coming from one of my favorite games of all time, and one of the better Final Fantasy titles is the One Winged Angel himself. He’s sadistic, gorgeous, intelligent, and wields one hell of a sword (compensating? Hyuk hyuk). Not only did he serve as the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy VII, but he also slaughtered one of the main characters in probably one of the most surprising, and saddest deaths in gaming to date. Spoiler: It surprised the crap out of me when he dropped from above, and stabbed Aerith with his blade. I was shocked, I was saddened, and I wanted to destroy him.

It eventually led to a rather mediocre, and underwhelming boss-fight, but it felt good to put him down for killing my beloved Aerith. Even though I despised him for his actions, he’s still one of my favorite villains. I love me some Sephiroth.

2. Bowser (Mario)

Bowser, King Koopa, or whatever you like to call this delightful guy. Bowser is an icon in gaming, and probably one of the most recognizable faces in the gaming world. Every Mario game he’s in as the main antagonist gives a different way of defeating him in battle. The most memorable for me was in the first Mario game, Super Mario Bros where you had to leap over his head and jump on the switch plummeting him into lava, these were false Bowsers if I remember but for me it still counts. I was only a little kid when I played the game, so my memory is a little foggy but I just remember the triumph, and how unstoppable I felt dropping his scaly ass into the fiery depths.

Now, I’ve been out-of-touch with the Mario series for a long time now as I haven’t really spent a good deal of time with a Mario game since Super Mario 64, so it’s been a while. I’ve missed quite a lot of the series, but that still doesn’t stop me from remembering how awesome it was to encounter, and fight Bowser. From my beginnings in Super Mario Bros, to my last experience tangling with him in Super Mario 64 it’s been a complete blast. Not to mention he’s one of my favorite characters to play as in the Smash Bros game series.

3. Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

He’s the definition of insanity, and also a wonderfully written, and acted character. Using the likeness, and voice of Canadian actor Michael Mando (Canadian street cred, yeeea boi) he’s by far one of the best villains in gaming history, if not the best. Everything about his character interested me, and I always found myself cheering for him instead of the whiny protagonist, Jason. For me, Vaas is the genuine article and the villain that other villains need to take examples from.

The part that bothered me though is how he died in the game, and that he wasn’t the “main” villain per-say, but was working for a man named Hoyt. Throughout the game you get a real leadership feeling from Vaas, and that he wouldn’t take shit from anyone, or even listen to anyone but is being commanded by Hoyt (who turned out to be really boring, and bland compared to this beauty). Whether it was him torturing Jason’s friends, or his chilling demeanor, Vaas was portrayed perfectly by Mando and he gave me chills during his performance. If you haven’t played FC3 yet, you should. Experiencing this villain is a good enough reason to play the game. Talking about it doesn’t do him justice, you need to live it.

4. Dr Eggman / Dr Robotnik (Sonic Franchise)

The main antagonist of the Sonic The Hedgehog series, Robotnik is a mad scientist and his plans always seem to fail, no matter how brilliant they appear to be. None for his orange-red clothing, and that brilliant mustache, Robotnik is a wonderful, and wacky villain who constantly thinks up new ideas to defeat Sonic, and take over the world. Even though most of his plans fail, and Sonic emerges victorious.

I’ve kept myself distant from the Sonic series for a long time due to the downward spiral in quality over the years. The last Sonic game I played was Generations, and I actually enjoyed the game, and really enjoyed the dyamic between present day Eggman, and Robotnik from the past. Loved their dynamic, even though that last boss fight was really, really frustrating for me at least. I’d like to check out the new Sonic game on WiiU, but my friends who have touched the title haven’t been saying good things. I’ll wait, and see what happens.

5. Team Rocket (Pokemon Series)

I felt like I couldn’t make a list of villains without adding Team Rocket. Prepare for trouble, and make it double. I loved fighting Team Rocket in the original Pokemon games and felt amazing when I squashed them, and defeated them once & for all. Then seeing them again in Gold & Silver renewed my love for this team, and I defeated them once again. They seemed to be a little more “darker” in the Gen II games with the whole cutting off Slowpoke tails, and selling them. Bleugh.

Now, the last Pokemon games I played were Pearl & Diamond so I have no idea if Rocket ever resurfaces, but I’d love to see them as the main villains in a Pokemon game again. Maybe that’s just my nostalgia talking, but I’ve always had more fun fighting them than any other “Team” in the series. Plus, Jesse, James & Meowth in the anime series are great. I adore them.

What about you readers? What are your top 5 villains in the gaming world? Post in the comments below! I’d love to see your opinions.

Justin Ross

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