Top 5 Televison Deaths of 2013

Top 5 Televison Deaths of 2013

People die in television shows all the time and it really hits home for some of them. These are my choices for the top five deaths that we saw onscreen in 2013. Reminder, some of these are spoilers so please bear with me. You’ve been warned. These are also in no particular order, just the ones that hit me the hardest from shows I watch. I’m going to try and limit there for one per series.


#5 – Robb Stark (Game Of Thrones)

I didn’t know about the Red Wedding and what I was going to expect, even though things leading up to the death seemed to going a little too well. This entire scene was one of the most difficult television experiences I’ve had, and struggled getting through the scene. Now with the recent Purple Wedding happening in the show it just makes me wonder if people in Game Of Thrones should stop getting married. It doesn’t end well. Plus, I imagine being stabbed in the heart like that after watching your wife and unborn child get murdered would be quite welcomed.


#4 – Tommy Merlyn (Arrow)

I’ve just started watching Arrow and since this death occurred in 2013 I can lump it in this list. These sort of deaths really hit home. Killed by falling debris while trying to save Laurel Lance, his buddy Oliver (The Arrow/Green Arrow) arrives too late and witnesses his best friend die. This death changes something in Oliver and decides that he doesn’t need to kill people to deliver justice, and changes his ways of dealing with criminals to honor Tommy’s memory. That’s a nice little sentiment, but I wonder if Tommy is truly dead. It seems like people don’t stay dead on this show. Then again, his is a probably permanent death. I feel like a “revival” would ruin the whole character development going on with Oliver right now. That being said, I’ve just started Season 2 so we’ll see.

#3 – Hershel Greene (The Walking Dead)

A death I knew had to happen sometime as it seemed like he was the only link to the “old world” and it’s a really pivotal death in terms of some character development. His story was done, and it was only a matter of time before Hershel bit the bullet. Decapitated by the Governor, but it confuses me on how a decapitated head can reanimate. That being said, his death is really the only one that has affected me in the show. I’ve slowly been getting a little tired of the show and feeling like it’s becoming stale. Season 4 didn’t exactly fix those things for me. We’ll see what happens in the next season.

#2 – Kevin Tran (Supernatural)

It’s been shown that in Supernatural, anyone who gets close to the Winchesters usually ends up in a bad spot. I was totally blown away by Kevin being killed off, but it sort of makes sense in a way, right? I can’t figure out if his death was to make the plot move forward, or they couldn’t figure out much more to write in terms of Kevin. Either way his death was pretty brutal, especially for being a kid. I really hope Dean gets his revenge on Gadreel for killing Kevin while possessing Sam. I hate Gadreel.

#1 – Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Speculation was crazy in the last few episodes of Breaking Bad, and that was mainly who was going to make it to the end. Most people believed that Jesse was going to be killed off by either the Nazi-dudes or by Walter White himself, but in a wonderful final few moments in the series we see Walter decimate the Nazi group with a machine gun controlled by remote control, and then execute Jack in a similar manner to how Jack killed Hank. Walter saved Jesse, and it’s a moment I had wanted for the entire show’s run. Jesse deserved redemption and I like to believe that’s what he got. Walter walking through the meth-lab at the end of the episode and dying at peace from a self-inflicted gunshot wound was a very interesting, and probably the best way to end the series. The only person who could stop Walter was himself, and he died seemingly happy.

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