Top 5 Games I’m Looking Forward To In Next-Gen

Top 5 Games I’m Looking Forward To In Next-Gen

The next generation is pretty much on our door-step, and I’m extremely excited. I’ll be buying both consoles, but not until 2014 once we’ve gotten a better catalog of games to play. My first choice will be the Xbox One, and then later on down the road I’ll be throwing some money at a PS4, or even a PS3 first so I can experience the stuff I missed on that console.

So, I’ve decided to compile a list of five games that will be coming out on next generation consoles that I’m most excited for. So, without further ado, here we go! This games are also in no particular order.

1. Titanfall (Xbox One)

I’ll be getting Titanfall on Xbox One, and I cannot wait to dip into the game. I love multiplayer, I love mechs, and I just love games that try something new, and that’s what it looks like we’re getting with Titanfall. Developed by Respawn Entertainment whom are people who used to be involved with the Call Of Duty series. It looks like we’ll be getting something new to the competitive multiplayer scene, and hopefully something that will finally kill CoD (which looking at recent reviews of Ghosts shouldn’t be difficult). I expect to hear some shit, and hate for hoping the game kills CoD, but I really hope it does. The genre is stale, and I feel like this game will definitely spice-things up. Besides, the game just looks awesome to play, and mech battles can’t be a bad thing.

2. Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One)

Being a massive fan of the Dead Rising series I’m really glad to see Dead Rising 3 as a launch title for Xbox One, even though I can assume most people predicted it. DR3 seems to be taking a more “gritty” approach to the series, but still brings back the awesome comedic, and plain wacky moments that we’ve come to expect from the series. I’m way excited for this game, and the newly designed co-op, and overall game is intriguing to say the least. No more annoying combo rooms, save toilets, or time limits (even though I didn’t have any issues with the two latter options) should make this game a better experience for some people who just want to explore the sandbox world, and kill zombies. Plus, the fact that Nick is a mechanic and can customize weapons on the fly is going to be awesome. Sure, the Smartglass stuff looks gimmicky as all hell but this is a game I’m highly anticipating and I really hope it isn’t a flop.

3. The Order: 1886 (PlayStation 4)

One of the only PS4 exclusives that I’m extremely interested in, and really excited to see more about. I love me some monsters, so I’m really curious to see what this game does. From what I can tell from the trailer shown at E3 it looks like we’ll be facing werewolves of some sort in a Victorian setting with a huge Steampunk feel to it. This makes me extremely happy as I both love werewolves, and the Victorian era. I don’t know too much about the game, but it feels like it’s going to be something unique and possibly scary all at the same time. I’ll be waiting for more information about this, but as I said above the trailer alone has gotten me intrigued. This game could be reason alone for me to purchase the PS4, besides all those awesome indie titles coming to the console.

4. The Evil Within (Xbox One)

Even though this title is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Windows I’ll be dipping into the Xbox One version, and is one of my most anticipated games for the console. It looks like it will be a return to AAA horror games done right, as even helmed by the master of survival-horror himself, Shinji Mikami. The monsters look downright terrifying, and some of the gameplay footage I’ve witnessed looks to downright disgusting, and horrific. Hopefully this will be an actual horror title, and not some sort of action-shooter bullshit that we’ve seen in most AAA horror games of late (Resident Evil 6, Dead Space 3, Fear 3). I have a lot of faith in this game, and I’ll be expecting good things. I want AAA to scare me again. I miss those days.

5. Forza Motorsports 5 (Xbox One)

Yet another launch-title for the Xbox One, and it looks gorgeous. I love the Forza series (minus Horizon) and can’t wait to hop behind the wheel of some gorgeous, and fast looking cars again. I played a lot of Forza 4, and had a blast customizing vehicles even though most of my time was spent in the online drag-races, I still had a blast with the game. I’m hoping to have an experience much like Forza 4 with the drag-racing, and other fun modes. I’m imagining we’ll see more extensive customization with vehicles, and the whole Cloud feature has me extremely intrigued. I know most of my friends will be getting this game day one, and I for one cannot wait to race against them, and trash talk like we usually do when gaming.

What about everyone else? What titles are you most excited for in the next generation of consoles? Any games you worried might not live up to the hype?

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Justin Ross


  1. Rich Drummond
    November 7, 2013, 2:15 am

    The Evil Within reeeeally has me excited. It some real potential to be a hell of an experience.

  2. medman
    November 7, 2013, 3:44 pm

    Typical list from an xbox only gamer who has no idea what he’s missed out on from Sony’s first parties this gen and is looking to compound his buffoonery heading into next gen. Good Lord man, how could you write about games but be ignorant of the medium you’re covering? Sony’s console has hosted several “game of the generation” type games on the ps3, and the ps4 will be quite similar due to their roster of strong first party devs. I have no problem or issue with the list you made, even though games like Titanfall or Dead Rising hold no appeal for me, but ignorance of the other consoles lineup is no excuse for somebody who chooses to write about gaming. I own a 360 and ps3, and I can say with absolute certainty you have no idea what you’ve missed out on for the ps3. The comparison of exclusives between the two consoles is not a comparison at all, it’s a slaughter, with Sony taking Microsoft’s head clean off. Not to mention the excellent, recently released games psplus offers customers. Live gold offers nothing by comparison, except for allowing you the pleasure of accessing your own internet connection for a fee. I’ll be the first to say Microsofts online is better than Sony’s for this current gen, but should we really have to pay for that? Sony’s service this gen has been free, that’s a huge difference. We will see how the two compare this upcoming gen now that they will both charge for online. The big difference at this point is that Sony’s psplus offers so much more for the money than what live offers. I love games and gaming so I will probably buy both consoles at some point. But there is no question that unlike this gen, where I purchased my 360 first and my ps3 about a year and a half later, that Sony’s PS4 is the obvious choice for my first console this gen. And anybody who owns both and has had the pleasure to play masterpieces like Uncharted, God of War, The Last of Us, MGS, Infamous, etc. etc. knows what I’m talking about.

    • Justin Ross
      November 7, 2013, 7:49 pm

      Sorry that I like my Xbox 360, and would like to purchase the Xbox One. Mainly, there are more exclusives at this point in time. But, if you read the article you would of seen that I’m getting both next-gen consoles, and a PS3.

    • RandomRandy
      November 7, 2013, 9:50 pm

      How can you be so critical of the journalist when you are clearly biased toward PlayStation? I’m biased towards Xbox, but seriously, you’re attacking a journalist for an opinion piece on which five games he’s looking forward to the most coming up this gen. In case you haven’t noticed there aren’t a ton of exclusives for either and everybody has their preference. Saying it’s a slaughter is really what gets me, as you blame him for bias and yet you come in here ranting and spouting off like that. Then you go into PS+ and Xbox Live and how PS+ is better, which has absolutely no grounds in an article about what games someone is looking forward to. Grow up child.

  3. RandomRandy
    November 7, 2013, 7:40 pm

    1. The Division – after the trailer at E3 I can honestly say I giggled with excitement
    2. Titanfall – duh, who can say they aren’t excited for this, even if they can’t purchase it
    3. Dead Rising 3 – steamroller + motorcycle, yeah…
    4. Ryse – surprisingly as I’ve seen more gameplay and heard more about it, I’m very excited for it
    5. BF4 – 32v32 multiplayer will be awesome, maps just feel too big on current gen

    • Justin Ross
      November 7, 2013, 8:19 pm

      Division would be on my list if I knew more about it. Titanfall & Dead Rising look great!

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