Top 5 Characters Of 2013

Top 5 Characters Of 2013

We also had some brilliant characters make their way into videogames this year, and I’m here to share but a few of them, and my top picks for this year. Each character is well written, and interesting in their own ways. We saw growth, development, and heck some may have even brought us to tears. It’s an awesome feeling when you truly love a character, and this list showcases the ones I loved the most this past year.


#5 – Edward Kenway

Game: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Released: October 2013

I actually really liked Edward as a character, much more so than his grandson whom we played as in III (Connor). Edward was ruthless, violent, and somewhat of a bad-ass. He started out as bastard of a pirate who only care about money, and seemed to really not care about those around him, but eventually grew into a strong, and caring character and sought to repent for his sins and troubles that he caused by joining the Assassin Order and doing good by them.

#4 – Trevor Phillips

Game: Grand Theft Auto V

Developer: Rockstar North

Released: September 2013

A true maniac, and also the most interesting character in GTAV. Trevor took all the stereotypes of a Canadian, and threw them all backwards. He killed people for fun, and just did a ton of questionable things that proved his insanity. However, he was also one for loyalty and would do anything to help his friends, and we see this somewhat broken when he finds out the truth behind Michael still being alive, and the incidents surrounding it. We also see a lighter side to Trevor (somewhat) with a tiny-little love story between him and the wife of a crime boss, Martin Mandroza. This is however cut-short, and it seems like it causes some emotional strain on him as a character, and it actually makes him feel human & not the usual monster/psychopath that he is. Brilliant character, and his voice-actor “Steven Ogg” did a wonderful job.



#3 – Elizabeth

Game: BioShock Infinite

Developer: Irrational Games

Released: March 2013

Elizabeth is a very strong, independent girl and can handle herself fairly well. She’s also extremely interesting with her special ability of opening tears and being able to pull things/travel to other dimensions. There’s also a lot of mystery to the character and when things get wrapped up and explained in the end, it all makes sense and just works so well. I developed a close attachment to her character and wanted to see her journey end happily, and for her to make it out alive. Well written, well acted, and we finally get a female lead who doesn’t need to have her hand held the entire way through. Elizabeth is strong, and that’s what makes her so great.

#2 – Ellie

Game: The Last Of Us

Developer: Naughty Dog

Released: June 2013

Ellie is awesome. She’s young, but also can handle her own, but the events of the game have seem to have toughened her hide in a way. She’s vulgar, and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself when people doubt her. Naughty Dog does a wonderful job with her character, and end up making the player care a great deal for her, and the bond she shares with Joel is purely magical and grows a lot through the game. Her journey is an emotional one, but she does some growing through-out the events that transpire, and in the end develops a very special bond with Joel, something that for me no game has ever done before. The relationship between these two characters is wonderful, emotional, and is what video-games should strive for.

#1 – Joel

Game: The Last Of Us

Developer: Naughty Dog

Released: June 2013

This man has an emotional journey through-out the game, and this is caused by the death of his daughter in the prologue which helps shape the man he is in the game. He eventually comes across the young girl, Ellie and is tasked with bringing her across the country to find a group called, The Fireflies which are going to use her as a cure for the cordyceps brain virus that has turned most of the population into zombie-like creatures called “Clickers”. The two start out not really enjoying each others company, and through their journey they grow closer & closer, and Joel starts to care for Ellie a lot, and will do anything to protect her. In a sense he becomes her surrogate father, and the relationship is an emotional roller-coaster throughout the game and we see a lot of character development, and growth from Joel. He started out as a broken man, and progressed towards being a wonderful father figure to Ellie like he was for Sarah. Him & Ellie pulled at my heart-strings, and their journey/relationship is one I’m going to remember for the rest of my gaming life.

Justin Ross

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  1. medman
    January 8, 2014, 5:50 pm

    Ellie is one of the most well realized female characters in gaming history. That little girl is tough yet vunerable, she’s also smart, funny, loyal, and extremely courageous. Ellie is my character of the year 2013, and I think she’s probably my favorite character of the entire last generation.

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