Titanfall: Why I Support 6v6

Titanfall: Why I Support 6v6

So the internet has been pretty vocal about their opinions on how Titanfall will only support 12 players with the game supporting 6v6 battles. Sure, I can understand some of the dislike towards that implementation, but I’m also totally for that approach. We’ll probably see a more tight, squad-based, and most likely a more tactical video-game and something to usher in a new era in the FPS genre.

Just because the game doesn’t support 32 players doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad. With a smaller player-cap the chances are we’ll see more tactical game-play, and something that guarantees we won’t see numerous mechs running about giving the foot-soldiers more of an advantage, and providing a more balanced game in the end. Could this cause the game to get boring, and lose appeal quicker? Possibly, but then again there’s nothing wrong with going against the norm and trying something new, which Titanfall is doing and I can safely say is pushing away the FPS standards and hopefully giving the genre something fresh, and unique to sink our teeth into.

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Let’s go back to the whole complaint about this user-cap. Wasn’t the game played at E3 and won awards? Haven’t people who have gotten their hands on the game praised it? Then as soon as something as arbitrary as this comes forward people lose their minds? I don’t see anything wrong with how they’re leaning towards this approach for the game.

Sure, there won’t be large battles going on but there’s still going to be some conflict, and you know probably won’t be as frustrating. You’ll have a lesser chance of dying, and again we’ll probably see a more tactical approach in the gameplay. I know the internet always tries to find something to complain about, and latch onto one “issue” and then never let go. The ones who complain always cry the loudest, and it’s a shame that most of the media and coverage goes towards the complaints, and rarely focuses on the good.

Will Titanfall be great? Chances are it will be, but we’ll all have to reserve judgement until it releases in the coming months. I for one am still extremely excited, and could really care less about how many players can play the game. It’s all about the fun factor, plus it’s trying something new. I’m going to put my trust in the developers and believe that we’ll see a solid product.

Bring on Titanfall.

Justin Ross

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  1. Nick
    January 8, 2014, 7:52 pm

    I agree. I am sick of user cap being a selling point (and in some cases the main focus) for shooters. All that means is that there will be 32, 64, ### people running into a chaotic cluster of bullets and explosions trying to get a kill before dying. It takes the skill and fun out of it and turns it into frustrating cartoon like experience.

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