tinyBuild’s PAX East Line Up Revealed

tinyBuild’s PAX East Line Up Revealed

tinyBuild Games are known for bringing us the likes of Party Hard and Punch Time. this year they’ll be know for a few more games.

PAX East will see tinyBuild present two new games while celebrating the release of another. The Final Station is a post apocalyptic game that sees the player held up on a train with other survivors. Maintaining the upkeep of both the train and the group of people provides the heart of the game. Raiding abandoned stations in order to gather supplies and seek our new survivors are just some of the challenges on offer. Oh, there’s also hordes of undead.

Cluster Truck (nearly NSFW) is as colourful as it is chaotic. It’s one of them physics games where you simply cause as much havoc as you can. When the Steam page promises ‘A campaign mode which gradually gets more and more evil ‘ you know it’s worth at least a browse.

Speedrunners will be out of Early Access by the time PAX rolls around, and tinyBuild games will be celebrating. The 4 player multplayer racer is the definition of a party game. The concept is simply, get to the end of the course before your friends, even if that means freezing them solid forcing them to fall to their death. Packing various skills, abilities and some cunning traps, Speedrunners is simple but hugely enjoyable.




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