Three Films to Set Off Your Halloween

Three Films to Set Off Your Halloween

Halloween brings a number of traditions, like kids demanding sweets (though nowadays it seems more about the money than the sweets), or people getting drunk while in costume. The most treasured tradition, however, is watching as many horror films in the space of twenty-four hours as possible. Everyone has their own ‘Halloween Playlist’. Some like their horrors dark and disturbing, whereas others like them cheesy. Some people like family-friendly Halloween-themed flicks. Everyone is different, and thankfully the horror genre caters for this.

As such, the following three films are a perfect way to spend your Halloween night.

Trick ‘r Treat:

 Trick 'r Treat

This 2007 cult hit sneaked out after somewhat of a troubled release, but at its core, Trick ‘r Treat is a pure Halloween film in every sense. The interwoven plot follows a number of traditional–perhaps even generic–tales including juvenile pranks, a college virgin looking for her ‘first’, and an old school bus driver with a secret to hide…all of course set during the Halloween period.

The outline of Trick ‘r Treat doesn’t sound particularly remarkable, but the film has a ton of charm and character that allows each of the stories to burst into life. There’s a true sense of energy installed into each story that makes the film feel fun whilst maintaining a macabre sense. There are various elements of each tale that will raise a guilty smirk, mostly from veterans of the genre, that are often accompanied by a satisfying conclusion.

Since the film’s release it’s built up enough of fan base to spawn a recently announced sequel. But still, Trick ‘r Treat is slick, smart, dark, humorous, and strangely humble. You can’t go wrong by setting off your Halloween night with this delightful slice of horror. And let’s not forget that Brian Cox is always awesome.

The Return of the Living Dead:

Possibly the best example of ’80s cheesy horror, The Return of the Living Dead is oozing with gore-drenched fun that offers some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. When a pair of intelligence-lacking medical supply warehouse employees mess around with a tanker, which is essentially a zombie in a case, they release a gas that re-animates the dead. And as you’d expect, zombie-based carnage ensues.

Clocking in at ninety-one minutes of great special effects, brilliantly bad dialogue, top notch music, and one of the most memorable zombies in film history, The Return of the Living Dead is a true must-see for Halloween. Those looking for a serious flick will undoubtedly hate every second of this classic, but those with a more open mind will be able to appreciate the tone the film sets from beginning to end. At the heart of The Return of the Living Dead is the feeling that everyone involved is having fun, and it’s a feeling that carries the film.

Zombies are a worn-out element of modern media, but The Return of the Living Dead makes them feel relevant once more. The secret ingredient lies in the fact that zombies feel like they have character; they aren’t merely cannon fodder who ultimately exist for the sole purpose of being slaughtered by the main cast members. It’s because of this that The Return of the Living Dead is the perfect choice of film for a group viewing, and a perfect choice for a Halloween flick.



Dario Argento is a name that instantly attracts admiration for the quality work he has produced throughout his career. He’s a director known for his ability to create a creepy and uneasy atmosphere whilst also creating some truly beautiful imagery. While bright colours may not be something you would connect with horror, Argento succinctly weaves the terror and beauty together.

The bold visuals are not the only strong point of the film. No, on top of that, the soundtrack is also truly brilliant. Composed by Goblin, the music reacts perfectly to each frame, especially during the more colourful and unsettling scenes that take place within the film.

In terms of plot, Suspiria follows a newcomer to a lavish ballet academy that gradually reveals itself to be a disguise for something more sinister.

The story drip-feeds plot details to the viewer rather than make each development obvious, like most modern horrors, allowing the air of mystery to stay intact. While the plot progresses the viewer becomes exposed to various elements traditionally related to other genres. It’s a true example of going through a journey to reach Suspiria‘s conclusion.

There’s a craft to Suspiria that makes it a truly unique horror, making it a perfect film to sit down and enjoy this Halloween.

Sean Halliday

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