The Worst Of 2014: Broken Games, Broken Promises & Rambo

The Worst Of 2014: Broken Games, Broken Promises & Rambo

While 2014 has been a pretty solid year for video games, it’s also had it’s share of disappointments. Be it games that didn’t live up to the hype, games that didn’t work or even games that were barely finished, 2014 produced a few groans. The following is a list of games that fed into the worst parts of 2014, be it the quality of the game or a questionable business practice. From broken games to £30 demos, these are the worst of 2014.



Ubisoft – The Whole Company

_79319376_bea5b809-39ed-4045-953a-539c7ee44fb2Ubisoft has been improving year after year, 2014 saw all their hard work hit a wall. Assassins Creed: Unity was released in such a poor state that the season pass ended up being canned. After a number of huge patches, the game still struggles to work. Clearly rushed out for the holiday season, along with the vast amounts of Unity merchandise, the game was a steaming mess. The fact the game contains a number of microtransactions was the icing on the barely working cake. Ubisoft did themselves no favors, tarnishing the name of their biggest franchise.

Things didn’t get much better with the troubled release of The Crew. Bugs, performance issues, and the game just being rather average, The Crew was another messy Ubisoft title. Watch Dogs was another game that failed to live up expectations. While it was a commercial success, the game itself left a number of people feeling rather uninspired. Repetitive mission/side mission structure, over reliance on the pretty shallow hacking gimmick, and a poor story. The whole ‘affair’ over the down grounded visuals topped off a rather disappointing product.

2014 was a year to forget for Ubisoft, with Far Cry 4 being it’s only true highlight, and even that felt a little too close to Far Cry 3 at times. With the likes of Rainbow Six and The Division set for 2015, Ubisoft would do well to learn from their mistakes in 2014. Not ripping off their customers with broken games would be a good start.



Destiny – Bungie (Released on pretty much everything, including the 3DO)


Oh how the might have fallen. At it’s core, there’s a good game within Destiny. The problem is, Bungie released barely half a game. The ‘Kinda MMO, but not really’ nature of the game leaves Destiny awkwardly floating around between various ideas and concepts, rarely getting any of them truly right. After all the hype, all the marketing, all the promises, you’d expect at least a finished product. What we got was a taster, with DLC advertised from the first day of release.

Playing Destiny is a truly odd experience. You’re thrown into the games world with no reason, no explanation, and told to walk forward and shoot things. There’s literally no story to truly speak off, leaving the already repetitive missions feeling like chores that need to be done before you can play the better stuff.

The problem with Destiny is the sheer lack of content, and the lack of features that have become industry standard for online games. Running around a planet doing missions that all play the same is stupidly dull. The Strike missions are nothing special, normally ending with pretty poor boss battles. The loot table makes no sense. The end game is primitive, even more so given a large part of it is locked away given the lack of public match making. The PvP, while fun, has major balance issues between it’s classes, with the Hunter dominating everything in front of it.

Destiny could have been great, if it wasn’t for the game being butchered into huge chunks and sold as ‘DLC’. Destiny felt like the biggest scam in modern video games, tarnishing Bungie’s pretty spotless record. A real shame, and a fantastic example of how greedy companies cannibalizing their product can affect it’s quality profoundly. The real worry is Destiny did fantastically well in terms of sales, with a follow up already in production. If less than half a game can do so well, it’s truly bad news for the consumer.




Rambo: The Video Game (360/PC/PS3)


A full price on-rails shooter than looked and played like utter garbage. There’s honestly not much you can say about the game. It’s bizarre that it even managed to get released, a on-rails full retail film license game in 2014? very odd. The gameplay (if you can call it that) is a clumsy mess, rarely satisfying to play. Gun your way through all the Rambo films by holding your finger down on the trigger, that’s the game in a nut shell. The production value is god awful with the voice acting sounding totally alien from the rest of the game. The only redeeming factor of the game is the hilarious render of Rambo’s face and hair.

How this game came with a full retail price is mind blowing.





The Evil Within (PS4/Xbox One/ PC/ PS3/ 360)

h21-noscaleHailed as the ‘savior’ of triple A survival horror, The Evil Within had the world at it’s feet before it’s release. The problem is, The Evil Within is a hot mess of ideas, concepts and clumsy attempts to scare. While the game starts well enough, building tension, placing the player in a vulnerable state, it nose dives off a cliff soon after. The tone of the game seems to switch every five minutes, but the tone is never ‘scary’ or even slightly survival horror like. The Evil Within relied far too much on gore as a means of horror, gore and head shots.

The Evil Within has it’s moments, be it a few of them, but the game just chugs along, it felt far too forced and padded. The clunky controls, combined with the below average visuals (for the most part), made the game feel dated, and not the nostalgic kind of dated. The story was a utter mess, rarely making sense of even appearing all that interesting.

By the end of the game, it becomes clear The Evil Within is the equivalent of a ghost train. The story acts a extremely loose reason to put the player in the various environments. Jump scares and gore, clumsy controls and a awful story. The Evil Within wasn’t utterly terrible, but it underachieved in almost every department. The poor performance of the game is also a major issue, even on the PS4/Xbox One.

A true shame, thankfully survival horror was well represented by Alien: Isolation leaving The Evil Within a good budget bin option.




Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (PS4/ Xbox One/ PC)

RBg7Op50kHjO.878x0.Z-Z96KYqIt’s the concept that makes Ground Zeroes a problem. Charging £30 for a demo is a pretty bold move, and it’s a move that paid off. Taking advantage of the lack of games at the time of it’s release, Ground Zeroes is a short run through the new Fox Engine. While the game looks and plays wonderfully, the lack of any real content is hard to look past. Acting as a prologue to Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes offers a extremely short campaign and a few game modes to play through.

It’s not a ‘bad’ game, but it is a demo. Charging for a demo is a worrying concept. There’s arguments that it’s a concept already in full use on the PC with the likes of early access, but early access grants the full game in the end.



Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Xbox One)


The sheer amount of content on offer is staggering, it’s just a shame the product is pretty badly broken. With a broken multiplayer, and game breaking bugs in single player, it”s hard not to point out The Master Chief Collection as a low point in 2014. One of the Microsoft’s big hitters for the Xbox One, The Master Chief collection had a big responsibility on it’s shoulders. The broken state of the game must of came as huge shock to Micosoft, as well as 343 studios. The constant updates and apologies suggest there’s genuine effort going into fixing the game. It doesn’t excuse the fact people paid full price for such a broken product.


The Master Chief Collection was yet another example of a big name game being released in a awful state. It’s been a rough end of the year for the consumer, it’s hard to recall this many big budget games being released in such poor states.




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