The Game Awards Were Tarnished By Constant Star Wars: Battlefront Adverts

The Game Awards Were Tarnished By Constant Star Wars: Battlefront Adverts

If the Game Awards are supposed to celebrated all that is good within the industry, then god damn are we screwed. After years of trying new concepts, new ways of presenting the show, the current format is nothing put one long advert. The depressing thing is, it’s a perfect representation of the current industry.

Geoff Knightly has been known for enjoying a bit of corporate selling out. From fatty crispy snacks, to heart attacks in a bottle, product placements just seem to follow him around. In the case of the Game Awards, things felt much more dishonest. EA’s latest cash cow, Battlefront, was essentially forced into the viewers face.


Every time an award was given, we were treated to a quick interview by iDrone (aka Ijustine) with the intention to promote Battlefront. Reading almost like a script, viewers were told how ‘amazing’ and ‘awesome’ Battlefront was, every 5 minutes. The fact they weren’t even trying to be subtle spoke volumes about how little the event meant to EA.

For an event which ‘celebrates’ the industry, the forced and desperate nature of the advertisements cheapened the whole affair. Award shows across all media have been plagued with advertisements, but this was something else. Talking about how important both creator and consumer are to the industry, only to switch to Battlefront, is borderline hilarious.


In the grand scheme of things, it’s a small gripe with the show. While it was no means perfect, this years Game Awards fine. It’s simply a case of advertisements, a running theme with this show, detracting from the experience.

Side note – In what world does Monster Hunter 4 U lose out to Lara Croft Go?


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