The Three Worst Things About The Division Open Beta

The Three Worst Things About The Division Open Beta

After taking some time to reflect on The Division’s Open Beta, and highlighting the best bits,looking at the other end of the scale only seems fair. For all the positives and fun the Beta supplied, there’s a few things that produce a few questions. These are the three worst things about The Division Open Beta.


please take note this is based on the Beta, not the full game


Questionable A.I -

For a game that focuses on use of cover, the A.I can attempt a few questionable acts. It’s true that some of the enemies are equipped with melee weapons, justifying (somewhat) their bum rushes towards the players. The main problems come in the shape of enemies armed with long ranged weapons. It’s not rare to witness enemies jolt out of cover, appearing to make some kind of heroic last charge, filling with bullets in the process.


The Division’s enemies tend to have weak spots, telegraphed by their weapon of choice. Flamer thrower users carry around hulking gas cannisters on their back, providing a one shot kill opportunity. These enemies will repeatedly expose their weak spot to the point of hilarity. In fairness, given the low level content in the Beta, this could purely be down to the enemies being a low level. Snipers tend to do better, keeping at range and staying  covered, if only the rest of the A.I acted as smartly.



Dodgy Dialogue -

With a handful of cut scenes and friendly NPCs, each line of dialogue needs to carry weight. The problem with the dialogue was it felt so phoned in. It’s a problem most action video games suffer from, the words spoken by the characters rarely feel natural. The Division Beta was no different, even when it tries to be dramatic it comes off as robotic. NPCs all seem to have a bizarre passive aggressive attitude towards the player. They’ll smack talk and belittle you, even after you’ve handed over cash to them.


It may be an attempt at conveying people are jaded with life, but does everyone need to be such a dick? Even the higher-ups dishing out missions speak to you like they’re wiping you off their shoe. Civilians littering the streets will mutter various things, but most of it melts into one overly similar mumble.



Low Enemy Count -

The enemy count during missions is healthy (as you’d expect), but this is not the case in the wild. Wandering around the streets will only ever result in small scale encounters with about five or so enemies. The gaps between encounters are so long that you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in some kind of safe zone.


It’s not like the world should be covered in enemies at every turn, but the lack of them made the experience feel slightly hollow. Hopefully as players gain access to higher level areas, the amount of enemies in the wild will increase.





Sean Halliday

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