The Three Best Things About The Division Beta

The Three Best Things About The Division Beta

The Division open Beta has come to a close. There’s a fair amount to digest and reflect on, mostly in regards to expectations based on what was seen and played. Ubisoft are placing a lot of faith in their new IP, but is it justified? Is The Division on course to be the next ‘big thing’? After putting in around fifteen hours in, a number of things became clear. The following is summary of the three best things about The Division Beta.



The World –

We’ve all seen various takes on the end times. Zombie outbreaks, nuclear holocausts and war ravaged lands are a dime a dozen. The Division is a much more grounded vision of the end. It’s a distinctly gloomy and battered world, but still holds a sense of everyday familiarity. Soaking in the sights and sounds of decaying New York is wonderful. The way in which NPC characters hang out of windows, supplying praise or demands, adds to the atmosphere that life is sill going on, but in scattered manner.

There’s a touch of beauty among the burning buildings, with ash intertwining with snow fall. Each crisp step, every reflection from the flickering lights. It all feeds into the desired tones and themes. The world of The Division, at least in the Beta, is fantastic.


The Dark Zone -

 Games like DayZ, H1Z1 and even Kane & Lynch have made betrayal popular. The concept of not being able to trust anyone adds layers of depth to even a basic game. Working together in order to achieve a shared goal, only to succumb to more selfish motives, we’ve all done it in real life. The Dark Zone allows us to explore just how crafty and sly we truly can be. It’s not rare, or even wrong, to assist other players fighting the enemy NPC targets, only to shoot them in the back.

Extracting loot is one big stand off. You can see each player twitching, waiting for someone to crack. The paranoia is palpable, the rewards for betrayal were tangible. For what it’s worth, those concepts work brilliantly. The Dark Zone can forge and break allegiances, pack mentality is both beneficial and risky. Whose to say your team mate won’t quit the group and open fire? What if the sever groups up to hunt your party? It’s all just part of The Dark Zone.



Gotta Loot Them All -

Much like an other game of this type, the loot needs to be worthy of the effort. The Division’s loot system is nothing new or fresh, but it is functional. Rewards don’t leave the player feel cheated, with most drops having use in some shape or form. Everything can be turned to scrap, allowing players to turn junk into resources. The healthy supply of various bits of armour, each with differing stats, opens up a healthy amount of equipment options.

The weapon modification system is a fairly solid feature that allows players to switch around on the fly. Each modification increases various stats, feeding into the users desired build. It’s not long before you’ll be choosing modifications based on the task ahead. Team work results in a meta game arising, even more so when going into The Dark Zone. It’s not uncommon to find teams of players using silencers in order to hide their position.






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