Xbox One Owners Should Be Excited For The Next Step In Survival Games

Xbox One Owners Should Be Excited For The Next Step In Survival Games

Exploring worlds in video games has always been one of the most appealing factors. Having the chance to escape to a whole new world, filled with things we’ll never see in reality, is wonderful. Learning about the worlds we play in is hugely fulfilling, enhancing our time with the game.

The Solus Project is all about exploration. Set on a mysterious Alien planet, players embark upon a journey of discovery. Uncovering land marks, constructs and secrets is the focus of the game. Combat is non-existent, there’s no enemies to speak of, the only threat is the planet itself.


Surviving the planet’s harsh environment provides the game’s challenge. Overwhelmingly hot days and bitterly cold nights will force the player to adept. The Solus Project boasts a climate system that will affect the experience in profound ways. Humidity, wind, wetness and cloud coverage will impact the player in realistic and profound ways.

On paper, the concept of fighting the elements sounds brilliant. The lack of combat and ability to kill any threat is wonderfully disempowering. Being at the mercy of the climate could produce a host of situations for the player to experience.

The presentation, at least from what has been shown, is staggering. Echoes of ancient civilizations, curious plant life and H.G Giger-esque architecture provide some impressive imagery. It’s all shaping up to be quite the experience.

Video games provide such a fantastic release, allowing us to invest into multiple worlds. The Solus Project has the potential to grow into something quite special, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Set for an Early Access release on steam in February 18th, with the Xbox One version coming on the 26th via Game Preview, we’ll be to see exactly where the game currently is. Developers Hourences and Grip Games have promised episodic content updates, opening up new areas of the planet. The final version is currently set for release sometime in May 2016.

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