The Reaction To The ‘Leaked’ Nintendo NX Controller Creates Questions

The Reaction To The ‘Leaked’ Nintendo NX Controller Creates Questions

The recent ‘leaks’ of Nintendo’s apparent new controller exposed a number of things across various sites and communities. While I’d like to praise peoples reactions, pay credit to approaching the leak with a sense of scrutiny and scepticism, the fact is I just can’t.

Reaction to the fake leak was bizarre, replicating the kind of thing you’d expect to see from TMZ’s comments. It didn’t take long for people to craft theories about how this was ‘the end’ for Nintendo. Furious comments crying out how ugly the pad looked, with some even denouncing Nintendo. It was, in some place still is, madness.

There was never any evidence to say that the images were in fact real. Hearsay. Tweets and theories are all people had to go on. Such passion, such vocal reaction over some photos randomly thrown onto the internet. People expressing blind hate and ignorance towards Nintendo is not the issue I’m looking at her, it’s much worse.

If fake leaked images of a system can generate so much outrage, why can’t bull shit business decisions do the same? For years now, the consumer has mostly put up and shut up. We accept the fact our games often launched with chunks taken out to sell to us later. Pre-order DLC forces us to choose between where we buy our games. Rarely do we ever get a full product that works.

Some people raise their voices, they use the relevant platforms to try and make a difference. Youtubers (though not many of them) will use their presence to expose such practices to the masses. Unfortunately, the masses stay quite. How can people become so vocal and passionate over fake photos but not over the very games they purchase?

Video games are becoming more advanced by the year. There’s very few fields in the world that change so often and so quickly. On the flip side, there’s very few industries that cheapen their product in order to force more money from the consumer. Imagine a book that was missing chapters, comics with panels removed, a cheeky note asking you for extra money to see the removed content. That’s not even a ridiculous example, it’s what is happening right now in our video games.


More and more people are starting to take a stand, but it’s not enough. We still have games with missing content winning ‘game of the year’ awards. Titles with half the content missing going onto becoming million pound/dollar spinning hits. If people can be so vocal towards a photo of a fake controller, why can’t we do the same with more important things?.



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