The Problem With Rainbow Six: Siege’s Season Pass

The Problem With Rainbow Six: Siege’s Season Pass

Ubisoft were seemingly on to a good thing when they announced that Rainbow Six: Siege would revive a supply of free content. ‘No pay wall, no community spilt, just a year of free content’ is a line uttered during the recent Season Pass trailer. This trailer, this season pass, is ridiculous.

While the year of free content is still happening, the Season Pass is literally contradicting Ubisoft’s attempts at appearing generous. Put simply, the season pass is straight up pay-to-win in a full retail game. Ubisoft may try to act like they’re supporting the game, providing a balanced playing field for their multiplayer to thrive, but that act is contradicted by what the season pass offers.

The season pass grants users early access to 8 new operators, a permanent renown (experience points pretty much) boost and extra challenges to earn further renown. In short, season pass players will level faster, have access to more tools and weapons than other players, giving them the advantage. This is pay-to-win, even if it’s not as aggressive as other tittles.

Issues arise mainly around how proudly Ubisoft claim there will be ‘no community split’. The season pass creates a community split, as players are not equal footing. Players can still play together, that much is true, but season pass members have the advantage.

Siege has been marketed as a shooter that focuses heavily on weapons and gadgets, forming the core of the gameplay. The season pass grants players access to a wider choice of weapons and tools, thus granting pass holders with the advantage from the off.

Ubisoft seem fine with the notion of creating such a serve split between players, all while claiming not to. Granting pass holders the ability to level up quicker, and more often, is hugely questionable. Who honestly enjoys multiplayer shooters when your level 1 (armed with basics) and Player 2 is jacked up with high end gear all thanks to season pass perks? No one, least not in a retail game.

Kudos to Ubisoft for giving away free content and maps, but complimenting it with such a odd season pass that perfectly fits into a free-to-play game takes the gleam away. It’s sad that we find ourselves talking about yet another Ubisoft season pass for a game that’s not even out yet, rather than talking about the game itself.


Sean Halliday


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    November 12, 2015, 8:06 pm

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  2. Donny
    November 13, 2015, 1:23 am

    When will you ever be happy? This is the best season pass there has ever been from a consumer standpoint. This is nothing, absolutely nothing pay2win. Except if you think more skins boost your skill. All 14 operators in the beta (which is 6 less than the final games 20) could be unlocked in a few hours. That means you have 3 months of time to save up some renown for the only 2 new operators. There is absolutely no need to buy the season pass for which I am relieved, as this will never split up the community as for example paid map packs. Way to go Ubisoft and I hope this will be the new standard, although I fear not as this won’t sell nearly as much as map packs.

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