The Park Is Almost Open | Why Jurassic Park Matters

The Park Is Almost Open | Why Jurassic Park Matters

I’m a massive Jurassic Park fan, so you can imagine by joy when a fourth film was announced to be released this June. The Jurassic series is part of the reason I’m into films, being creative, and of course writing my eyes out. Lots of people have been debating the direction of Jurassic World (the fourth film in the franchise) due to the hybrid dinosaur, Indominus Rex and Chris Pratt’s Raptor Squad.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Jurassic World. Read at your own discretion.

However, I have complete faith we won’t be let down when the film drops this summer. The Indominus Rex seems like a massive threat, and really sends the message that we shouldn’t mess with nature, and I really doubt the Raptor Squad will be tamed, or trained like everyone is worried about. We saw them attack people in the global trailer, and you can never truly tame a predator. That being said, I went over to the Jurassic Park subreddit over on the social site Reddit and got the community’s input on why Jurassic Park matters to them, and why they’re excited for Jurassic World.

opinion 1

Talk about a mega-fan!

Opinion 2I’ll agree that some of the old-school toys for the series were fantastic. I used to have a Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcolm) toy where he’d hang-glide with Pteranodons. Obviously that was never a part of the films, but it was still cool.

opinion 3So, no matter how the film pans out upon release you can guarantee the fans of the franchise will love it, and I’m 100% sure it’ll surpass the disappointment that was Jurassic Park III.

Colin Trevorrow knows how to make good movies (Safety Not Guaranteed, etc) so I have complete faith in him with what he’s been doing, and how they’ve been marketing Jurassic World.

Jurassic World releases in theaters on June 12th, 2015.


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