The Order 1886′s Price Drops Even Further

The Order 1886′s Price Drops Even Further

The PS4 exclusive, that apparently everyone hated so much it still gets talked about to this day, is finally at that magic £20 mark. The graphic novel/Adventure/video game movie The Order 1886 boasts some of the best visuals that modern video games has to offer, unfortunately it also boasts some of the most engaging gameplay 2007 has to offer.


It’s short length had people debating across the land, does size really matter? Is it all about quality over quantity? Does anyone else think Ryse was actually not that bad? What ever camp you subscribed to, the chances are you tweeted about how The Order 1886 was the perfect example of modern video games being shallow. At a mere £20, you can jump into the not-so-full-of-monsters-street of London. The cobbles are covered in blood, piss and foul language, and in The Order 1886 they’re no different, apart from the lack of Starbucks and Halal Sub Way.


The Order 1886 isn’t as bad as some people make out, it’s a fair game trapped under the burden of expectation, high production costs and lack of ambition (gameplay wise anyway). While Angry Joe may want you to think the game is awful, the truth is it’s just okay…a little bit like Joe himself. £20 is a decent price for a short, but enjoyable, slice of action…or you could just put another £20 in your budget and get the brilliance that is Bloodborne.

Sean Halliday

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  1. zarbor
    April 16, 2015, 2:39 pm

    The biggest problem with this game is over hype and under deliver. Yes, the game isn’t awful but it was one the games previewed on the PS4 early that many, myself included got excited to buy the system. In that regards this game is a major flop and a huge disappointment.

    On top of that, it was a last gen game (that’s being nice) with next gen graphics. In reality, the game is at it right price now. Like Lair on the PS3, great potential but never realized. I would be surprise if they do a part 2. If they are smart, they would do DLC but it will have to be on a ME: Shadowbroker level type of DLC.

    The DLC that opens up new gameplay experiences, new creatures, new boss, new area. That’s the only way I see this series surviving beyond bargain basement where it quickly is heading.

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