The Mighty Number 9 Sequel Plans Make The Game Even Less Likeable

The Mighty Number 9 Sequel Plans Make The Game Even Less Likeable

The Mighty Number 9 is finally releasing later this year. It’s coming off the back of various delays and even a trailer that insulted its own fan base. Originally a kickstarter title, The Mighty Number 9 went from a beacon of hope to a rotted little apple. A number of backers have expressed regret in backing the game, some of which claim to no longer want to even play it.

Has that stopped the game’s creator from planning a sequel? Of course not. As part of the sickly trend of expecting sequels, Keiji Inafune is already talking about a follow up to Mighty Number 9. The oddest part of it all is he is also planning a live anime series based on the game, after insulting anime watchers.

This would be a series based on the game which was marketed with a trailer that insulted anime fans. Does this make any sense? No, of course not. The driving desire to cash in on the game has long been suspected, but these recent developments seem to confirm it.

Originally set for release in 2015. Before it’s initial stated release, the developers opened up a new Kickstater for a fresh project. Much like Might Number 9, this new project was yet another ‘spiritual successor’ to Mega Man. Thankfully, the second project (Red Ash, which also came with various spin offs) failed.

So here we are, still awaiting the release of Mighty Number 9. The fact there’s talk of sequel is crazy. The assumption the game will sell well makes no sense. Nearly every trailer released has decreased in quality, making the game look worse and worse. Insulting a fair portion of their target audience wasn’t exactly a smart move either.

Mighty Number 9 is one of the most successful Kickstarters to date. Clocking in over $3 million, expectations were set high, only to lower and lower by the month it seems. It’s worrying that Inafune is already looking to a sequel, perhaps even disrespectful. Another reminder to the perils of crowd funding.


The Mighty Number 9 started off as something great in concept, but now it just looks like a greedy cash in.


Sean Halliday

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