The Key Issue Most Of The Division Reviews Fail To Mention – Boss of Boredom

The Key Issue Most Of The Division Reviews Fail To Mention – Boss of Boredom

There’s one criticism that a number of The Division reviews fail to mention. It’s a pretty big deal, the lack of coverage produces some suspicions over just how much the reviewer has played. On the surface, most reviews say it’s a basic third person shooter driven by repeating mission structure and looting. While that is true, the lack of boss mechanics is a vital flaw that must be mentioned, yet rarely is.

The Division’s core criticisms are all sourced from the normal Ubisoft set-up. Repetitive missions, repeating side content and lack of enemy types. This is all true, no one can deny this is. One of the key issues with Ubisoft’s approach to The Division is how it handles ‘bosses’ and their sheer lack of mechanics. Each boss acts in the exact same way, there’s no tactics or mechanics to learn. Shoot, cover, reload, shoot again and that’s it.

Without any mechanics in place, there’s nothing to separate bosses from every other enemy. The resulting effect is repetition and lack of challenge. Bosses are vital to the DNA of games in this vein. Providing a challenge to the players, spicing up the general gameplay, they’re more than just another way to get loot, a fact Ubisoft fails to see.

Boss mechanics can make or break a game of this sort. They represent the climax to their respective mission/dungeon. When done correctly, bosses provide a sense of identity to the experience. ‘Oh this is the guy who creates rings of fire on the top damager dealer’s location’ etc. The Division has none of this, leaving all of the mission, bar the finale, soulless and repetitive. Ubisoft don’t have much experience in creating bosses with mechanics and strategies, and it shows.

In it’s current state, The Division’s mission structure forms a large part of its end game. Upon reaching level 30, Daily Missions become available. Dailies consist of re-playing story missions, highlighting the issues surrounding the bosses. Their only change is increased damage and health, nothing more. It’s repetitive and cheap, detracting from the experience.

Ubisoft can remedy the game’s weakness in future updates. The final mission contains a boss that asks a little more of the players. Hopefully it’s a hint towards how new boss will go. Endgame, in it’s current state, is not great and Ubisoft need to address this. Giving new bosses actual mechanics would be a good start.



*Side note- World of Warcraft video is merely a example of how interesting and engaging boss mechanics can forge a legacy around it’s respective game*





Sean Halliday


  1. Joe Jones
    June 28, 2016, 2:35 am

    Agreed, I am about half way thru and I have just stopped playing. Bored with it. But have been playing the witcher 3 since May last year. Don’t think I will buy another ubisoft game, Far Cry 4 was also boring for me as well.

  2. TheE-man
    November 17, 2016, 5:17 pm

    This articlecis a bit old, but it’s now November, and after a 2 month break for Fallout 4 I jumped back in after Patch 1.4. Got to say, at least for casual players, the devs are moving in the right direction. I’m having fun again as a solo player, matchmaking is better, loot drops are funner, and keeps improving daily. I do, like everyone else, want to see new areas ooen up more, but I’m sure it will come. Looking forward to Survival…..

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