The Growing Sickness Of ‘Gamer Entitlement’

The Growing Sickness Of ‘Gamer Entitlement’

Owning one system over the other does not entitle anyone to throw insults around, nor does it entitle a person to develop a strange, almost, fanatical devotion to a brand name. Devotion to a brand, tied with entitlement, has led to some truly odd accusations of late. A circle of Xbox One/360 owners have decided that Bungie have ‘betrayed’ Xbox users in some sort of insidious manner. They, as Xbox owners, feel entitled to everything Bungie plan to do with Destiny. Assuming this is down to Bungie’s history with the Xbox brand, but does is justify the reaction of group of people? No, of course not.

Companies, are there to make money. While video games are a creative industry, the fact is business plays a big part in almost every element of big developers and publishers. They set out to make a profit in order to thrive and grow, they do not owe anything to anyone’s personal agenda. A customer is entitled to a working product, this is true, but when that customer starts expect said company to fulfill all their wishes..that’s when things get sticky.


Bungie’s relationship with Sony does not show a ‘betrayal’ of anyone. It’s a sound business decision to supply Sony consoles with exclusive, both timed and permanent, that makes the PS4/3 version of Destiny more appealing than the Xbox offering. Activision know how these deals work, they know the effectiveness of them. Similar deals have made involving Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto 4, it’s nothing but business. This doesn’t stop a vocal minority to feeling wronged and demanding that they receive everything the ‘other people’ do.

The entitled few are becoming increasingly ridiculous, asking for boycotts, formulating conspiracy theories, sharing it all through social media, it’s a mess. The romantic notion that the video game industry is there to fully bend to the will of it’s customer is miles off the mark. The industry is cut throat, history even shows this, business is not personal (as they always say in the films). Entitlement is a growing sickness, often tainting someone’s point of view or even a discussion. Maybe it’s a good time for people to step back a little and view things a little more clearer.



Sean Halliday

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