The Future Of Technology: Are We Boned?

The Future Of Technology: Are We Boned?

Technology has been advancing pretty quickly over the last couple of years. We have devices that can access the entire planet’s history, and information at the push of a button. Everyone has access to this and it has really only come to fruition in the last couple of decades.

We have phones that can take better photos, and video than most cameras in the market and technology like the Oculus Rift than can throw us into a virtual world, and give us a new level of immersion. That being said, is there a point where this technology can get to the point of going too far and causing some ill-effects on humanity and the planet as a whole, or will there be some type of evolution amongst the planet, and the human species regarding the technology?

Myself, I believe it’s a two way road. We can take one direction and destroy civilization as a whole, or take the other path which could help advance the species into a more evolved state of being. I’m not going to dip into religious beliefs, or the culture of religion in general as I am one that fully believes in the theory of evolution, etc. It is however safe to say that with the advancement of technology also comes the advancement in warfare, and weaponry. With one of the most interesting theories with technology, and the future of said tech coming to mind.

That theory is a type of avatar that we as humans can become/control. In a sense, we can do things without the cost of human life. This also brings up the point that this would most likely be seen in the future of warfare. We wouldn’t have to sacrifice living, breathing humans, but instead use these duplicates instead which are controlled by fully trained, and living soldiers from a safe distance from the actual combat going on. The duplicate could be destroyed, but the human controller would continue on living.

Then the whole theory/belief that we’ll be able to upload our consciousness straight into a cybernetic being, and thus become immortal. Never worry about ailments, disease, hunger, etc. We could pretty much live forever, and ascend beyond being simply human, and become beings of a whole new caliber. Would we be human? No, and my beliefs are firmly that this is what would would be the end of humanity. Not a mass extinction event, not the planet blowing up but humanity ascending into beings of technological proportions.

For me, it just makes the most sense since technology is used in our everyday lives, and has now enhanced everyday tasks. We have artificial limbs that act solely on brain waves so what’s to say that we can eventually get more advanced with that tech, and soon create fully, working, artificial bodies that can be controlled with the human mind. Or hell, even transplant the brain into something and create a cybernetic being.

But once this happens we would no longer be human, but something completely different. Hence the end of humanity, and the cause being technology.

Some of you might think I’m crazy, but I think it’s just a fascinating subject/theory to talk about. Is there a chance in our lifetime that we’ll be able to upload our conscious, personality, memories, etc into something artificial and continue on living without the worry of sickness, disease, etc?

I’d like to know what some others think. I just find it fascinating that there’s a chance for us as humans to transfer everything about ourselves into an object. Hell, even having a database of stored human memories/dreams would be pretty sweet too.

It also brings up the whole thing on virtual environments as we are now seeing with the Oculus Rift, and similar devices to enhance our experiences in the virtual world. We can transport ourselves in a sense, into these worlds and give the experience a whole new level in terms of immersion. We’ve been seeing this with mostly horror titles like Outlast, but in other ways as well. There was a simulator shown at SXSW where users could hop into the setting of Game Of Thrones and ascend the wall of Castle Black with a little goodie at the end of the experience.

Being someone who’s deathly afraid of heights this experience probably would of made my trousers caked in fecal matter, or reduce me to a blubbering mess in the corner. The fact that we can capture this kind of experience with technology is amazing, and as a game developer myself it’s a technology I’d really like to experiment with, and implement into my projects and create little simulations like this.

It’s pretty damn amazing, and it even brings to light a question about the future of video-game technology in general, and how we can have these virtual worlds enhanced. Imagine playing a shooter like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, etc with a fully immersed, 4D experience. You’d have the Oculus Rift for putting yourself into the world, and giving you the sense of vision, surround sound headphones that recreate the sounds in the way you’d hear in them in real-life coming from the directions they’re in. That silly tread-mill device, the Virtuix Omni which instead of using a controller to move your character, you run on this treadmill and it inputs your directions, etc into the game.

Here, let this video describe it better. All it needs is a type of suit that can register hit-markers on an actual human body when we get shot in these games. Not with actual pain, but maybe some sort of sensation to strengthen that feel of the experience, and really put you into the game 100%.

But is all this advancing tech a good thing, or are we boned? In a sense it all depends on what path we take, or at least that’s what I believe. We could easily wipe out humanity with advanced weaponry, but we could also advance humanity, and even possibly wipe out mortality and simply become immortal, and ascend past humanity if the theories of uploading our conscience into something else and living after death are true.

The question to ask is pretty simple though. Once uploaded, is that program/being still us, or is it something completely different? There’s a film coming out about this very subject starring Johnny Depp. I’ll throw the trailer below, and ask one final question that I’d like to see the readers answer in the comments below.

If you could ascend past humanity and become a being of technological proportions without having to worry about death, disease, sickness, would you? And, do you think the uploaded conscious would still be you, or would it become something entirely different and new?

Justin Ross

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