The Eternal Appeal of Team Fortress 2

The Eternal Appeal of Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 has transcended the realm of merely being just another online shooter; it’s become a phenomenon. It is possibly the most fun you could have while playing an online shooter, and not only that, it is also the only game impossible to rage over. Sure, it’s not as widely appreciated by the gaming community on the whole, but this is mainly due to the limited nature of the console version. The chances are, though, that if you asked any active PC gamer if they had played Team Fortress 2,  the response would be yes.

The online presence of Team Fortress 2 in undeniable. The community is strong and constantly thriving with creativity, be it fan art or user-created items/maps. The game obviously benefits from the strength of its community, and new content is constantly flowing into the game, a lot of which emanates from the players. Plus, the community–at least the majority of them–is both talkative and welcoming, which is something of a rarity in modern online multiplayer games.



The primary reason for Team Fortress 2′s success is its balanced, accessible and (most importantly) fun gameplay. With each class comes a new play style to enjoy and master, which is where the fun really kicks in. Switching between each class and learning the ins and out adds a level of depth to the game. Class choice also has a large impact on not just your playing experience but your team’s experience as well.

The strategic side of Team Fortress 2 is somewhat forgotten amidst the fast-paced, limb-littered action. Placing Engineer’s turrets, dispensers and teleporters can turn the tide of any game, regardless of game type or map, and the way in which a team can change its fortune in a heartbeat keeps each game engaging and exciting. It’s a small touch to the game which results in coating the experience with nothing but quality.

On top of that, the item system present within Team Fortress 2 adds a layer of depth to the game, both in play and in the menus. Finding items mid-game always carries a sense of giddiness and excitement, similar to the feeling you get after finding a rare item in a game such as Diablo. The range of items (and the items stats and effects) allow the player to change their class set up to match the way they wish to play. Sure, unlockable weapons and class customization are commonplace in today’s games, but Team Fortress 2 doesn’t treat it as a novelty..



The chaos that each game offers is full of gleefully destructive moments. Rockets flying around, grenades pinging, spies stabbing people in the back–pure chaos.

The occurrence of comedic moments is also delightfully high, such as watching a sniper explode into a cloud of limbs after being victim of a stray rocket, or viewing a Pyro charging into a group of players and setting them all on fire. They’re all wonderful sights. Seeing the combination of a Heavy and Medic moving up on your position inspires panic and thoughts of ‘run, run now and never turn back!’. The small niggling voice in the back of your head that the guy next to you is a enemy spy in disguise . The odd feeling of having a jar of urine thrown at you. It’s all part of the charm that Team Fortress 2 has.

Also, the humor weaved into Team Fortress 2 is the reason why it has become such a staple in online gaming. It’s typical Valve humor and never fails to hit the mark. The characterization of each class has led to a genuinely interesting group, with the series of ‘Meet The…’ videos having really helped Team Fortress 2 to break into the hearts of gamers everywhere. The sense of humor never ceases throughout the game; it’s almost the perfect counter to any situation a player might be otherwise frustrated in. You try getting in a bad mood over a few deaths after being treated to some fantastic one-liners. It just cant be done.


In a world where most online games try to do their best at being serious, Team Fortress 2 revels in its relaxed nature. Even when a player is performing badly, the chances are they’ll be having too much fun to care. A flow of new content, plenty of depth and bucket loads of fun in one accessible (and free) package. What else could you ask for?

Team Fortress 2 is a constant state of quality and fun, and it’s a game people should champion in a market that is expanding and growing larger and larger.

Sean Halliday

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