The Division’s Rogue Mechanic Needs To Change

The Division’s Rogue Mechanic Needs To Change

The Dark Zone is fantastic, but the ‘Going Rogue’ system is flawed. Players who open fire on other players will turn Rogue, marking them on the map for everyone to see. Rogues rack up bounties depending on how many people they’ve killed. If a Rogue player manages to survive, seeing out their timer (displayed next to their name), they’ll earn the bounty for them self. One of the key elements to this mechanic is Rogue players timers increase with each kill, making in near impossible to survive as the whole sever hunts them down.

Going Rogue is only triggered by damaging players to a point or killing them. The problem is how easily players can manipulate this. It’s not rare to see someone diving on a grenade or into the line of fire, all in the name of forcing a player to turn Rogue. You’ll see it near any given enemy NPC spawn, cheap attempts at turning players Rogue by running into firing lines or in front of turrets.

The mechanic is so easy to abuse that it cheapens the desired effect. It’s clear Ubisoft wanted to utilize similar concepts seen in DayZ, H1Z1 and other similar titles, just without the level of harshness. You can understand why Ubisoft would want to do this, but their attempts shown in the Beta just do not work.

They need to be bold and make a choice, not try to appease everyone and water down the product as a result. The Rogue mechanic has potential, but not in its current state. There would be nothing wrong with giving players Rogue status if they were slaughtering the same player over and over again. Killing players with no loot, or who have recently spawned could result in the killers becoming Rogues.


Ubisoft need to look into this before The Division’s release. Rogues do not gain worthy rewards for the slim chances of success they have to deal with. The system is far too easy to tamper with, resulting in firefights with NPC enemies becoming situations where players refuse to use half their skills ore grenades in fear of going Rogue.

The Dark Zone will only appear to a certain type of players, Ubisoft would benefit from severing them rather than trying to keep everyone happy.



Sean Halliday


  1. BANE
    February 24, 2016, 4:10 am

    I agree the system needs tweaking, but not in the way suggested. Going rogue should almost be impossible to survive. Players need to be punished for purposely going rogue as its a grief move. Going rogue is done for no reason other than to ruin another players fun. There are plenty of ways to gather loot and DZ credits than by ruining another players experience. I understand some players want to kill other human players, but doing so should come with hefty penalties.

  2. Maylox
    February 24, 2016, 11:50 am

    Bane. If you don’t wqnt to be in a pvp zone, that is clearly marked, then don’t go into it. If being ganked ruins your fun there will be plenty of PVE to enjoy risk free. The idea of the deadzone is PVP. Pit tactics against brutishness. To pit skills the way PVP was always meant to be. Rule 1 in PVP never go alone. Rule 2 in PVP always roll with a group who knows how to PVP. I will agree with Sean. The way going rogue is set up now seems more a kin to an exploit. UBSoft needs to make going rogue a conscious act not one somebody else can force onto you. But then again there is that whole PVP thing and if you want to out yourself in that area you should expect a good amount of risk of being flagged, intentional or not. That is the name of the game afterall. So pull up your big girl panties and get some!!

  3. MooseBear
    February 24, 2016, 12:50 pm

    pvp on pvp game while pvping , i hate it

  4. Larvo44
    April 3, 2016, 4:07 pm

    Love the dark zone…love the concept of going rogue…can’t stand being futt-bucked by massively loaded-out nobs who hang around DZ1 and 2

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