The Division’s Future On PC Looks Bleak

The Division’s Future On PC Looks Bleak

The Division may be Ubisoft’s hottest new property, but it just can’t seem to catch a break. The core release impressed initially, but soon became bogged with with grinding and numerous bugs. One of the more potent issues is surrounding how easy the game is to hack and alter on PC, prompting the community to become disillusioned.

While content may be thin, it’s still not a major issue in terms of how playable the game is. Sure, grinding the same areas and missions in order to gain loot may be boring, but there’s bigger problems. Standing above all of the other issues in The Division is the leaking of Ips via voice chat. Players who use the in-game voice communication feature are leaking their IP address every time they talk.

This issue is a major oversight from Ubisoft, leaving the players in a rather vulnerable position. These leaks open up potential security risks, opening the door to potential DDOSing. Ubisoft Massive should have addressed this before release, or at least made player’s aware of the situation. Unfortunately the IP leaks only came to the attention of the public after player’s pointed it out. A damaging blow to the image of both Massive and The Division.

Hackers have become a growing issue on the PC version in particular. During the Beta build, a number of players were easily able to manipulate the game via some easy edits to certain files. Ubisoft Massive promised the full release would not suffer the same fate, yet here we are. The Dark Zone isn’t overran by hackers, but it’s not uncommon to see them dominating the streets.

Bugs and exploits used to gain quick loot is one thing, hacking is another. As much as I enjoy The Division, the slow decent in quality is no longer unnoticeable. Ubisoft Missive’s seemingly lack of direction with endgame tied with a Dark Zone under siege from hackers has creatured a sour experience.

Experts have pin pointed the issues down to how The Division operates. A recent blog post by Glenn Fiedler, a network expert, had some rather choice things to say about The Division on PC -

This indicates that The Division is most likely using a trusted client network model.

I sincerely hope this is not the case, because if it is true, my opinion of can this be fixed is basically no. Not on PC. Not without a complete rewrite. Possibly on consoles provided they fix all lag switch timing exploits and disable players moving and shooting while lag switch usage is detected (trusted client on console exclusive games is actually more common than you would think…), but not on PC unless they completely rewrite most of their netcode and game code around a server-authoritative network model.

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Fielder’s blog post is a pretty solid indication to why The Division on PC is so easily tampered with. The question is, where does Ubisoft Massive go from here? Recent content updates and game changes are hardly inspiring the player base. Hackers are becoming more of a problem, the only solutions given do not paint a pretty picture.

If The Division’s only path to a brighter future is a complete rewrite of how it operates on PC, is there any hope? Will Ubisoft Massive have the time and resources to take on such a challenge? The players need some kind of calcification rather than a glorified horde mode. It’s time to be honest, it’s time to paint a much more clearer picture of the Division’s future on PC. As a fan of the game, with over 80 hours invested, it’s sad to see things degrade so quickly.

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