The Division – Go Hard, Recycle More

The Division – Go Hard, Recycle More

The Division can be overwhelming to begin with, mostly due to the sheer amount of information thrown at the player. Boxes blitz the screen informing you of what does what and how things work, it’s easy to miss useful information. After more than 24 hours invested into the game, there’s a few hints and tips to be shared for the benefit of new players.


Messing With Settings:


There’s a few options found in the menus that can enhance the experience. Popping out of cover by mistake is not uncommon, but this can be addressed by a simple alteration in the relevant menus. A number of options can tweak general mechanics and elements. After a bit of a tinkering, you’ll be safely popping and slipping into and out of cover with ease. Video settings are also worth a gander. Small touches can boost performances quite considerably. Ubisoft have also included some curious settings for PC users. Not many people will have the gear required, but eye tracking settings are present…which is nice.




Recycle For The Win:


Each firefight results in the floor being littered with items. Fortunately for you, every drop has its usefulness. Selling dropped loot to vendors is normally the go to option, but there’s a much smarter method to dispose of your junk.

Deconstructing items rewards players with crafting materials, which in turn can be used to create better items. This is where junk becomes key, mostly due to the ability to essentially recycle loot. Guns can be reduced to weapon parts, which in turn can produce higher grade parts to create better weaponry. It’s a much more cost efficient way to improve your gear without becoming skint. At the higher levels of the game, crafting also opens up far more flexible items compared to those that are dropped.



Play Hard, Play Together:


Ubisoft claimed all of The Division’s content could be completed solo. There’s truth in the claim, but it’s easily the worst way to experience the game. Playing in a team of players opens up so many more doors. Combining various skills and effects in a team dynamic provides much more engaging gameplay.

Main missions offer two settings, Normal and Hard. The normal settings is ridiculously easy, providing very little challenge, making numerous mechanics redundant. Hard mode is where The Division blossoms into a more strategic affair. Suppressing enemies evolves into a vital concept, as does flanking and buffing allies. It’s a shame that in it’s normal state, The Division can be steam rolled. Do yourself a favour, play missions on Hard setting with a team of players



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