Ubisoft Set To Permanently Ban Cheaters From The Division

Ubisoft Set To Permanently Ban Cheaters From The Division

Blizzard have recently came into the spotlight for their hard stance towards cheaters in Overwatch. It seems like Ubisoft are taking a similar stance, even though it has been a little late.


The Division has had a number of issues with cheaters, mainly on the PC. It seems Ubisoft are not focusing on banning those who cheat. The bans are set to be permanent. Past ban waves have seen over 30,000 accounts banned from The Division, with around 3800 being permanent.

Ubisoft have released a official statement on their new stance on The Division’s official site -



Ubisoft have deployed permanent bans on cheaters in Rainbow Six: Siege as of yesterday. Could they be following in footsteps of Blizzard? either way, it’s a welcome method. Rainbow Six: Siege has had a few issues with hackers and people exploiting bugs and glitches.

Is it too little too late? with large batches of DLC coming in the next few months, this feels like a good move on Ubisoft’s side.



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