The Best New Game That Costs Less Than £1

The Best New Game That Costs Less Than £1

What can you buy for 47p? At one point in time you could purchase a Freddo and packet of Space Raiders. These days, it gets you little. Suits: A Business RPG could be the best 47p you’ve ever spent.

Suits is one of them curious games that pop up on Steam from time to time. Low price with no marketing, it just appears on the store front. The current price of 47p forces you to at least look at the store page. Suits looks simple, almost to the point of boredom, like doodles on a notepad. Nothing particularly stands out, but that’s why it works so well.


Office jobs are a drag. Sit at your desk, fill in some paper work and clock out. From a personal perspective, working as a Civil Servant is very similar. Clock in, sit down and pretend you enjoy your job. Listen to all the perks you’re not really getting, the false motivation. Suits: A Business RPG captures this feeling perfectly.

The art style looks like something you’d draw on a note pad. Little black and white drawings created out of boredom. Visual representations of why you dislike your job. Dark humour flows through the veins of Suits. Its cynical look at the work place is both relevant and refreshing. 47P for a game that takes pot shots at modern jobs? What a bargain.


Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom. Suits manages to make a joke of many aspects that office jobs entail. Jabs at corporate set ups and tele-sales result in acknowledging chuckles. Even the typical interview process earns a black eye. It never gets too political or preachy with its message. The whole game feels like a conversation between disgruntled workers.

Suits isn’t trying anything new. Its RPG elements are adequate at best. Bizarrely, the repetition of combat helps convey Suits’ overall tone. I can’t help but find the game charming, even with how downbeat it is. For less than 50p, there’s no excuse to give it a shot. Those in office jobs may even find a new guilty pleasure.

Sean Halliday

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