The Best Alternative To Call Of Duty Costs Less Than £4

The Best Alternative To Call Of Duty Costs Less Than £4

The Steam sales act as the best possible time to try out new games and genres. Low prices mean we’re far more willing to drop money on a game we might not normally be interested in. There’s a fair amount of choice in the current sale. In the grand scale of things, there’s one game that stands out as a relevant title to talk about, Insurgency.

We’ve all heard people cry out for a alternative to Call of Duty and other shooters in the same vein. Insurgency is exactly that, the perfect retreat from shooters that focus on instant gratification over tactics or skill. Brutal and unforgiving, Insurgency does not care about entertaining its players. No kill streaks, no fail safes or easy mode, just a focus on team play and tactics.

The general pace of the game is much slower than most modern shooters. A single bullet can kill, forcing players to think before they move. Making use of cover and smoke grenades is vital to success, running and gunning is a quick path to death. Each match is steeped with tension, mainly due to how unpredictable things can become.

Insurgency sets two teams of players across 24+ maps. With a range of objectives and game types, you can spend hours upon hours playing and things still feel fresh. The modern military setting lends itself well to the concepts of the game. Player vulnerability unites teams to work together in ways most other game can only dream of.


Both the Insurgent and American sides have a healthy range of classes and weapons to choose from. Loadouts are dictated by the selected role and how the player wishes to spend their small amount of points. Ammo types, weapons, attachments and utilities can all be altered, granting an impressive amount of depth.

At its best, Insurgency creates memorable multiplayer moments. Holding off a point with barely any ammo, performing the perfect manoeuvre, all of it is satisfying. When a full team is using their voice communications, Insurgency excels.


Replay value is enhanced by a healthy mod community. Skins, maps and character models are just the tip of the iceberg. The fantastic World War 2 mod Day of Infamy is practically a whole new game, at no extra cost.

Currently priced at £3.29, Insurgency is worth picking up. The intense gameplay provides plenty of thrills. It won’t be t everyone’s taste, even more so if fast paced action is a preference. Those who appreciate a much more ground and visceral first person shooter will feel right at home.

Sean Halliday

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