The Battlefield: Hardline Beta Turned Me From Hater, To Customer

The Battlefield: Hardline Beta Turned Me From Hater, To Customer

With the Battlefield: Hardline Beta at a end, I find myself conflicted. After Battlefield 4, I was all ready to end my time with the franchise. I’d been a avid fan since the days of Battlefield 1942, I was a huge fan of Vietnam. To me, the series peaked with Battlefield 2, it reached it’s peak in creativity and ambition with 2142. Recent times have witnessed the franchise stumble around, looking for a new direction that was still relevant to industry trends.

The likes of Bad Company 2 and the download only 1943 were sublime. Both represented key points in the franchises progression. Battlefield 3, while fun, never truly felt like the next step forward. While it looked slick and played well, it lacked the soul of past games. Battlefield 4 was the straw that broke the camels back. The sheer amount of bugs and technical issues turned the game into a mess. The multiplayer felt more like a minor expansion rather than a whole new game. It was truly disappointing.


The fact EA seemed more fussed about delaying DLC for Battlefield 4, instead of apologizing, was quite annoying. As patches rolled out, the game finally became stable, but the damage had been done. My affection for the franchise had died. Naturally, I looked down as Hardline as a cheap cash in thrown out there to keep the franchise in the public eye for another year. I still watched the trailers, and looked into the game, but my feelings towards Hardline were still negative. Then the Beta came around.

The only reason I ever downloaded the Hardline Beta was out of morbid curiosity. ‘Let’s see how horrible this is then’ I blurted out when the Beta booted up. Jumping into a game, I was bombarded with ‘NEW FEATURE!’ and ‘TRY THIS’, with blobs of text describing random things. Truth be told, I ignored them, I jumped in blind and loved every second of it. Before long I found myself forgetting that I was playing a Battlefield game, I forgot all of the gripes I had with the franchise. With bullets flying, chaos at every turn, my first game of Hiest ended, and I went straight back in for more.


Before long, I had invested a few hours into the game, explored all of the various bits and bobs Heist had to offer. The sheer intensity of the struggle between Police and Criminals was addictive, but most importantly, it was fun. I found myself using various grenade types to help carry out objectives. Towards the end of my session, I was popping off zip-wires and setting up escape route for team mates, while holding off police forces. Was this…team work?

While Hardline isn’t the pinnacle of tactical and team based play, it’s certainly more accommodating than the last few instalments in the franchise. The gadgets and various grenade types give the players much more creative freedom in their approach. Popping up a zipline between the bank roof and the make shift helipad, on top of the multi-storey car park, is a beautiful thing. Tear gassing the steps up towards the roof, trip mining the lift, stopping the police from freely coming up, it’s fantastic.

Heist may be a ton of fun, but Hotwire has single-handedly sold Hardline to me. Hotwire is the a perfect storm of chaos. Cars flying around, explosions, bullets, cranes collapsing, it’s chaotic art. Jumping into a car with three others, engaging in car chases, popping out the side unleashing hell out of a Ak47, it’s all so sweet. The action never lets up, the amount of crazy things going on all around the player makes for some truly awesome spectacles to behold.

Hardline went from a game I had no time for, to a instant pre-order. While I may disagree with bull shit pre-order DLC that gives players a early advantage, I found Hardline too fun not to buy into. There’s a few things that still worry me, it’s apparent that EA will hammer microtransactions into the game. The battle-packs feel like they’re there to be abused by those willing to throw their money around so freely. Beyond that, Hardline has filled me full of hope, it’s brought me back in from the cold. I assumed Hardline would be nothing but a cheap, effortless, cash in, the Beta has proved me wrong. Fingers crossed the full version doesn’t include a wealth of bugs, here’s to hoping EA have learned their lesson.



Sean Halliday


  1. Tim
    February 8, 2015, 6:30 pm

    I could not agree more with you and I look forward to the campaign too! Cheers mate!

    • Sean Halliday
      February 19, 2015, 3:28 am

      *raises a class* to car chases and nade spamming!

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