Sunday Deals: Bloodborne For £26, Season Pass Discounts And Socks

Sunday Deals: Bloodborne For £26, Season Pass Discounts And Socks

UK retailer TESCO has suddenly decided to blitz their video game stock. There’s also a few other deals popping around.


In store only deals are said to include Dark Souls 2 (on Xbox one) for £9.50, Trials (Xbox One) £6, Little Big Planet Vita and Minecraft Vita for £3.50 each.

Bloodborne is currently up for £26, this is purely for the core game. No DLC or any fancy extras, but it’s still a steal at less than £30.

TESCO also have their ‘Exclusive’ Fallout 4 accessory bundle on sale for £15. This is a pretty reduction of 50%. It seems most people who bought this set put them on e-bay to try and cash in. Avoid those private sellers looking for £30-45 and get it new.

Keeping on the topic of Fallout, Shopto have discounted their Shirts and…err..socks. A simple black Fallout 4 shirt will set you back £3.85, the socks are £5.86.

Yes, someone reviewed socks. are another website blitzing their Xbox One games. All of the following deals are digital downloads, all you need to do is ‘Like’’s Facebook page in order to get the discount code.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity £6.64

Forza Motorsport 5 £8.95

Quantum Break £32.29

Fallout 4 Season Pass £21.84

Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass £35.14


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